9 Winsome Ways to Add Vibrant Color to Your Home

ECOS Paints 01/07/2020
9 Winsome Ways to Add Vibrant Color to Your Home

When it comes to home decorating, a lot of us feel a bit lost on the best ways to add color. We don’t want to seem too tacky, and we don’t know if painting the whole room a color and not a neutral is something we could put up with in the future. Here’s the thing: color shouldn’t scare you. We don’t have to shy away from our favorite color on the walls or adding some personality to the kitchen. Better yet, adding color—tastefully—doesn’t mean you have to put up with four glaring red walls. In fact, you have numerous ways to add vibrant color to your home that won’t reach that “tacky” level. We listed a few of our favorite ways below—check them out!

Paint an Accent Wall

The most typical choice for ways to add color to your home is by painting an accent wall. It’s popular because it makes sense. Apart from that, we love an accent wall for its ability to bring life to the room with just a little paint on a wall. Add a blue wall to the kitchen, a deep red to complement the neutrals in the living room, and maybe even a soft lilac in the bedroom! This can also create a focal point in your room, which could add a much-needed anchor to balance the space.

Hit the Ceiling

If hitting one of the main walls of a room doesn’t appeal to you, look to the ceiling instead. Keep your walls quite neutral, but then add some personality with a vibrant ceiling. This is a lovely choice for bathrooms, foyers, and rooms with high ceilings. Painting the ceiling can adds a personality to the room that you may have been missing before, so when you can—and when it fits the space—add a pop of color to your ceiling.

Use a Rug

If you don’t want to paint anything in your room, add some color by using a rug. A colorful rug also acts as an anchor for a room but in a less intimidating fashion. You can also switch out rugs to match the season or mood! It’s important to remember, however, that you don’t need to pick out a rug with a crazy pattern. A basic, colored rug will often do just the trick to give some personality to a room. If you want a bit more color, add some throw pillows and blankets that tie into the colors on the floor.

Get Creative with Indoor Doors

Lots of people think about painting their front, exterior door a quaint color to bring some personality to their home—but what about the rest of the doors in the home? For kid’s rooms, let your child pick out a bedroom door color that fits their personality. We recommend painting the side of the door that shows in their room - it will help them feel like they have more control over the space. For the rest of home, painting bathroom, basement, and even closet doors are a sweet way to add a touch of color. A calm yellow is a classic choice for the kitchen!

Splash the Trim

This offers a great way to add a vibrant color for beachier properties. If you rent out your vacation home, for example, success means making sure that the property has personality and color. Try something a little different by adding color to the trim. Most of us think of the trim as your basic whites and creams, but sometimes, all you need to make your room feel more relaxing is a splash of color on the edges. You can go for a peaceful blue for a beach house or a muted red in a mountain home!

Add a Pop to Stairs

Similar to painting the trim, painting a section of stairs is a fantastic way to bring some vibrancy to your room in a place that’s often forgotten. This fun idea works well for small sets of steps, but you can also do this on larger staircases. You can paint the stairs themselves or the risers of the railing. Painting the risers is often a better choice for those steps that get used frequently. You should opt for cooler colors for your steps, as they’ll help add a calmer energy than warmer colors would.

Opt for Statement Lighting

Another great way to add color without painting revolves around your light fixtures. More and more people love the idea of unique light fixtures, but what if you took it a step further and included fixtures with color? Colorful fixtures can create an ambiance of repose, and they’re a much more tractable approach to bringing personality to your space. Statement lighting pieces will also add another unexpected, yet simple, dimension to any room.

Lather the Back of a Bookshelf

Let’s move back to paint. If you have bookshelves galore, add another personality touch aside from titles, and paint the back of the shelf. Though this may require you to remove your books for a while, you’ll love the clean lines and pops of color that come from the background. If you feel especially bold, you could use a stencil to create a painted pattern. Something as simple as stripes, or as complex as a floral design, will do just the trick to create a vibrant shelf life for your books.

Don’t Forget Your Windows

Our last tip for adding color takes you to the windows. The lungs of the home, your windows deserve just as much love and personality as the master bedroom and the kitchen. Show some support for the fresh air they provide but adding color. You can do this in many ways—take your curtains up a notch with some flowy, vibrant colors, paint the trim, or maybe even paint the nook around the window. Either way, this color around the window will add a pop of personality that’s not quite as permanent.

Now that you know our favorite ways to add some vibrant color to your home, make sure to follow these quick tips as well. To prevent you from reaching that level of tacky we previously referred to, make sure to limit the color in the room to two distinct accents, and pull from patterns in the room. Proper coordination will decrease the chance of overwhelming your senses.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will create a more personable home! For all your paint needs—whether it’s ceiling, trim, or door—turn to ECOS Paints. Our eco-friendly paint won’t just add some much-needed hues, but they’ll keep your air clean as well. Try out our custom color match today!

Add Vibrant Color to Your Home

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