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Allergy-Friendly Paint

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A breath of fresh air

Our products were developed over 35 years ago for individuals suffering from asthma, allergies, and multiple chemical sensitivities, who couldn't tolerate the harsh fumes and chemicals typically found in conventional paint products.

Our coatings, which were approved by the British Allergy Foundation, are designed to be better than conventional products. We avoid specific chemicals, including glycols and glycol ethers (PGEs), that are known to contribute to asthma and allergic reactions.

Ingredient transparency

We want our customers to be able to make an informed purchasing decision about our products, which is why we publish full ingredient lists for every product we make.

Performance without compromise

Conventional products are sometimes modified to make them less harmful, by reducing or substituting problematic chemicals. The result can often impact product performance - less durable, slow drying, poor coverage.

In contrast, our products were formulated from scratch, meaning our unique technology does not compromise the paint’s performance.

A level beyond

If you want to help improve the air quality in your home, consider our Air Purifying products. These products contain a unique filtering technology that absorbs harmful VOCs as they bounce around a room, or off-gas from a substrate. By trapping these harmful chemicals, our Air Purifying products can help improve indoor air quality. Learn More >