Are Your Walls Primed? Why Using a Primer Is Important

ECOS Paints 02/18/2022
Are Your Walls Primed? Why Using a Primer Is Important

When it comes to giving a room a new coat of paint, DIY has become increasingly popular in the last few years. When you roll up your sleeves and get the job done, you don’t only get the pleasure of having a refreshed interior décor. You also get the satisfaction of knowing you’re the one who accomplished it.

But you have to know how to do a DIY job right. That means having the correct paint, brushes, and primer. Are your walls primed? Here’s why using a primer is important.

Paint Adhesion

The satisfaction of painting a wall yourself quickly dissipates when the paint begins to bubble and peel days or hours after you finish. And one of the biggest determiners of how well your paint will adhere to your wall without bubbling is the surface on which you’re painting. Applying a primer is the simplest way to ensure your surfaces are ready for paint.

Fewer Coats

Sometimes, we forget that many of the wall surfaces in our homes are porous, especially drywall. When you paint directly onto porous surfaces, the paint actually absorbs into the surface itself. This means you must add more coats of paint to achieve the same visual effect.

When you apply a primer to a surface, it helps seal the surface from outside sources of moisture. This includes paint. That way, you can use fewer coats of paint.

Color Purity

Any experienced house painter will tell you that you don’t paint in a vacuum. Everything in the room, from the lighting to other furniture pieces, impacts the way we perceive color. This includes the color that the walls possess before you add the new paint.

If you try to paint the walls a lighter color than they were before, then you’ll change how the paint looks when it’s on the wall. For example, trying to paint a dark gray room a light beige will result in a look that blends those two colors. By adding primer, you “reset” the color of the walls so that this doesn’t happen.

At ECOS Paints, we understand why using paint primer is so important. That’s why we’re a go-to source for DIYers looking to buy primer paint online. When you use the correct primer, you can ensure your next paint job satisfies your vision.

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