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0519 Baby Seal is seal-gray paint that looks great in any room. Enjoy a soft-grey shade that naturally blends into your space.

0519 Baby Seal

Introducing Baby Seal, a sleek and versatile shade of grey with cool undertones. This hue pairs well with complementary colors from both warm and cool palettes. The name evokes a peaceful marine environment and the color would fit well in contemporary or classic design schemes.

The colors on your screen do not always give an accurate representation. Ordering a sample or color card is highly recommended.

Color cards are $0.25 each (minimum order value of $2). Color card orders eligible for $5 off first order of one gallon or more - limit one per customer. Color cards ship free via USPS (not trackable).

Paint color samples are sent in our Eggshell finish and ship free via FedEx. Order 3 or more samples to get $10 off your next order of one gallon or more - limit one per customer.

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