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"Deep, rich colors"

0040 Antique Candle Light
0041 Chinese Cherry
0042 Antoinette Pink
0043 Angel Breath
0044 Calliope
0045 Sizzling Hot
0046 Valentino
0054 Wink Pink
0055 Strawberry Whip
0056 Dainty Debutante
0057 Marble Pink
0058 Angelic Choir
0059 Quintessential
0060 Parlor Rose
0061 Pinkathon
0062 Blooming Perfect
0063 Impatient Heart
0064 Lord Baltimore
0065 Poppy Prose
0066 Wild Rose
0067 Lover's Kiss
0068 Summer Blush
0069 Empire Rose
0070 O Fortuna
0071 Ruby Eye
0072 Notice Me
0073 Corazon
0074 Emperor's Robe
0075 Pink Duet
0076 Fantastic Pink
0077 Pink Softness
0078 Be Mine
0079 Prophetess
0080 Abra Cadabra

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