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"Deep, rich colors"

0292 Privileged
0293 What Inheritance?
0294 Rub Elbows
0295 Spanish Cream
0296 Only Yesterday
0297 Gold Season
0298 Brocade
0299 Allison Lace
0300 Ivory Parchment
0301 Corinthian Pillar
0302 Rich Reward
0303 Bauhaus Gold
0304 Gold Tangiers
0305 Golden Summer
0306 Saffron Tint
0307 Putting Bench
0308 Coconut Crumble
0309 Palmetto Bluff
0310 Sassafras
0311 Life Exotic
0312 September Gold
0383 Natural Whisper
0384 Cheese Please
0385 Howdy Neighbor
0386 Hippolita
0387 Goldie Oldie
0388 Shiny Gold
0389 Gold Sparkle
0796 Spotlight
0797 Bermuda Son
0798 Lemon Appeal
0799 Fire Dance
0800 Yellow Umbrella
0801 Rain Slicker

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