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"Deep, rich colors"

0081 Berry Crush
0082 Rose Shadow
0083 Pink Coral
0084 Quiet Pink
0085 Fragrant Satchel
0086 King's Cloak
0087 Cinnapink
0088 Casandra
0089 Star Of Morning
0090 Moon Goddess
0091 Garnet Shadow
0092 Fresh Day
0093 Herald Of Spring
0094 Starlet
0095 Queen's Rose
0096 Morning Side
0097 Odyssey Plum
0098 Lockhart
0099 Lover's Tryst
0100 Whimsy
0101 Fruitful Orchard
0102 Earthly Pleasure
0103 Hosanna
0104 Victorian Cottage
0105 Harvest Blessing
0106 Rare Find
0107 Prosperity
0108 Exotica
0109 Kung Fu
0110 Baby Bunting
0111 Acadia Bloom
0112 Lady Flower
0113 Punch Of Pink
0114 Montrose Rose

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