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"Deep, rich colors"

0115 Sophistication
0116 Cordova Burgundy
0117 Satin Slipper
0118 Miniature Posey
0119 Angela Canyon
0120 Summer's Eve
0121 Savanna
0122 Outrageous
0123 Monterey Chestnut
1055 White Meadow
1056 Elizabeth Rose
1057 Pink Satin
1058 Pale Terra
1059 Alexandra Peach
1060 First Lady
1061 April Love
1062 Albino
1063 Tiny Pink
1064 Mystic Tulip
1065 Rose Essence
1066 Sari
1067 Sweet Baby Rose
1068 Best Of The Bunch
1069 Pink Touch
1070 Peony Prize
1071 Cloud Number Nine
1072 Lusty Orange
1073 Graceful Ballerina
1074 It's My Party
1075 Cherry Blink
1076 Baby Blossom
1077 Lady Anne
1078 Aromatic Breeze
1079 Wildflower Bouquet

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