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"Deep, rich colors"

0598 Caribbean Current
0599 Florida Waters
0600 Melting Glacier
0601 Cool Sky
0602 Fluid Blue
0603 Angela Bay
0604 Blue Skies Today
0605 Capri Isle
0606 Frozen Blue
0607 Brush Blue
0608 Modern Blue
0609 Innuendo
0610 Blue Parlor
0611 Bashful Blue
0612 Parkwater
0613 Blue Highlight
0614 Simple Serenity
0615 Blue Bayou
0616 Bluette
0617 John's Blue
0618 Heavenly Sky
0619 Honky Tonk Blue
0620 Star-Studded
0621 Nuance
0622 Serene Setting
0623 Pompeii Ruins
0624 Blue Pot
0625 North Sea
0626 Blue Depths
0627 Into The Stratosphere
0628 Illuminating Experience
0629 Polished Cotton
0630 Star Mist
0631 Chicago Skyline

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