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"Deep, rich colors"

0989 Impulse
0990 Butterscotch Glaze
0991 Beeswax Candle
0992 Touch Of Topaz
0993 Incan Treasure
0994 Sparkle Glow
0995 Bread Pudding
0996 Spice Cookie
0997 Gates Of Gold
0998 Gold Metal
0999 Ivory Tassel
1000 Flower Of Oahu
1001 Cheddar Corn
1002 Tea Cookie
1003 Sweet Sue
1004 Peace Of Mind
1005 Flickering Flame
1006 Turkscap
1007 Pastel Peach
1008 Mango Tango
1009 Bedtime Story
1010 Peanut Brittle
1011 Semolina
1012 Hampton Beach
1013 Warm Bread
1014 Muffin Magic
1015 Canter Peach
1016 November Leaf
1017 Summer's End
1018 Sunny Horizon
1019 Orange Ballad
1020 Rapture's Light
1021 Sweet Buttermilk
1022 Delicate Dawn

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