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"Deep, rich colors"

1023 Mellow Glow
1024 Pumpkin Hue
1025 Heat Of Summer
1026 Casa De Oro
1027 Abstract White
1028 Verve
1029 Pale Blossom
1030 Wispy White
1031 Chickadee
1032 Boredom Buster
1033 Lava Lamp
1034 Autumn Wind
1035 Spiced Cider
1036 Apricot Spring
1037 Trumpet Flower
1038 Jack-O-Lantern
1039 Pretty Parasol
1040 Dark Marmalade
1041 Flowerbed
1042 Peak Season
1043 Mom's Love
1044 Shooting Star
1045 Creamy Orange Blush
1046 Ballet Cream
1047 Starfish
1048 Pale Shrimp
1049 Salmon Mousse
1050 Salmon Beauty
1051 Stucco Wall
1052 Summer Memory
1053 Sun's Rage
1054 Carrot Cake

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