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"Deep, rich colors"

1180 Berry Light
1181 Violet Ash
1182 Lilacs In Spring
1183 Romantic Ballad
1184 Graceful Garden
1185 Satin Flower
1186 Pleasant Dream
1187 Joyous Song
1188 Maiden Of The Mist
1189 Little Touch
1190 Glittering Gemstone
1191 Cherish The Moment
1192 Cut Velvet
1193 Crown Jewels
1194 Magenta Red Lips
1195 Rosie Posie
1196 Naughty Marietta
1197 Lavender Veil
1198 Heather Feather
1199 Enthroned Above
1200 Felicia
1201 Dreamy Heaven
1202 Daring Deception
1203 Etcetera
1204 Noteworthy
1205 Fashionably Plum
1206 Screen Gem
1207 Orchid Orchestra
1208 Crowd Pleaser
1209 Princess Irene
1210 French Lavender
1211 Lavender Blessing
1212 Pansy Posie
1213 Berry Bright

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