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Paint for the Chemically Sensitive

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Our products were developed over 35 years ago by and for people with chemical sensitivities. People who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), are often unable to tolerate the ingredients found in conventional paint products, which can lead to headaches, breathing issues, nausea, and worse.

MCS-Preferred Paint

Using a unique technology combining sustainable ingredients and a proprietary mixing process, our products deliver best-in-class appearance and enhanced durability - with no harsh fumes or odors.* With our coatings, customers don't need to worry about leaving their freshly painted homes for days so that rooms can “air out".

Ingredient Transparency

Individuals can have strong reactions to specific chemicals such as isothiazolinones, antimicrobials, and latex. Certainly, eliminating VOCs is an integral part of producing a healthier product, but not all VOCs, or ingredients are the same. We share ingredient lists for our products, giving our customers the ability to avoid the chemicals that may cause them harm.

Performance Without Compromise

Conventional products are sometimes modified to make them less harmful, by reducing or substituting problematic chemicals. The result can often impact product performance - less durable, slow drying, poor coverage. In contrast, our products were formulated from scratch, meaning our unique technology does not compromise the paint’s performance.

Air Purifying - A Level Beyond

If you want to help improve the air quality in your home, consider our Air Purifying products. These products contain a unique filtering technology that absorbs harmful VOCs as they bounce around a room, or off-gas from a surface. By trapping these harmful chemicals, our Air Purifying products can help improve indoor air quality.