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Our Story

Over 35 years ago, the pioneers at ECOS set out to revolutionize an industry. This was long before the paint industry started to talk about VOCs, but well after the time when concerned consumers knew about the issues chemical pollution cause.

The task was to create a product that didn’t contain the chemicals that give people headaches, nausea, and worse. We wanted to make a cleaner product that people with chemical sensitivities could use, and one that anyone who wants to protect their families and friends from harm could feel good about using.

We developed our unique formulations from scratch, and not just by tweaking a conventional product to turn it “green” by diluting or substituting harmful ingredients to get an ambiguous environmental certification. We developed a whole new pigmenting system that provides wonderful color, without the harsh chemicals and VOCs found in regular tints.

But, we also had our sights set on performance. We wanted to engineer a product that was easy to apply, would cover better than conventional products, and was extremely durable – resilient enough to use to paint floors and even lane markings in parking garages. After more than six years of testing in climates as diverse as Arizona, Utah, Maine, and Florida, the ECOS collection was ready to bring to market.

Today, ECOS products are manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina and sold throughout North America and around the world – in Asia, Europe, and Australia. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft use our products, as do iconic institutions like the Louvre, Westminster Abbey, and the Getty Museum. But most of all, our thousands of customers continue to be individuals and families who are simply taking care of themselves and their environment.