The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Accent Walls

Tony 03/13/2020
The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Accent Walls
The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Accent Walls

Adding color to the home is an excellent way to refine your space’s personality. We previously talked about the different ways to add color to your home, and one of those ways is through an accent wall. It can act as a spark of personality and an anchor in an otherwise neutral room. Accent walls are well-loved in the decorating industry, but you should follow a few tips to ensure success. We’ve compiled a few of the dos and don’ts of accent walls—learn more below!

Dos for Accents Wall

Go Full-Throttle for Bold Color

Many people don’t choose accent walls because they’re worried about choosing the color. You can always go for a darker neutral, but think about going full throttle toward a bold color for the wall. Bold colors may not work in every space, but your kitchen or bedroom may really benefit from a pop of color. As long as you have the right decorative accents around the room to coordinate with the bolder choice, you can choose whatever color brings you joy.

Think Outside the Box

Another great tip for designing an accent wall for your space is to think outside the box. Accent walls don’t have to fit one definition. A great accent wall may be the smallest wall in the room; it may actually be the ceiling; or it may not even be a painted wall. Maybe it’s a chalk wall or a tiled, metallic, or stone wall. When you think outside the typical realm, you may just hit the mark on the perfect design.

Consider Accents Even When You’re a Neutral-Lover

One of the biggest reasons people steer clear of accent walls is because they simply prefer neutrals. The truth is that even if you’re a neutral-lover, there are still plenty of ways to create the perfect accent wall for you. As we mentioned above, when you think outside the box, you’ll probably find the exact design you’ve been looking for. You can do a natural wood wall or a dark brown wall—your options are much more open than you realize!

Don’ts for Accent Wall Design

Forget About the Different Ways to Accent

As we mentioned, there are tons of different ways to accent. Don’t forget about them! You can do a striped wall, a wall full of shelving, or a wall of stone to play off the fireplace. Don’t forget to play with the placement of the accent wall as well—the ceiling is a lovely yet often forgotten choice.

Say No to Wallpaper

This don’t is quite simple: don’t say no to wallpaper. Many people think wallpaper is out of style, but an accent wall is actually a wonderful way to make use of some beautiful wallpaper. Just make sure to pick the right pattern for the space.

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