What is Air Purifying Paint and When to Use it to Enhance Your Home

ECOS Paints 10/18/2019
What is Air Purifying Paint and When to Use it to Enhance Your Home

Paint can do a lot more than you think. Yes, paint can add a splash of color or change the tone and feel of a room. But that's not all paint is capable of. Air purifying paint, for example, can improve your home’s air quality while also creating a bright and aesthetically pleasing space. To learn more about air purifying paints, what they do, and who can benefit from using them, continue reading.

What is air purifying paint?

Air Purifying Paints contain a molecular sieve which is designed to both stop harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from being released into the air and to trap them as they float through a room. The sieve’s non-toxic crystalline tubes are designed to filter specific harmful VOCs, including formaldehyde, glycol, and benzene.  These air purifying paints are engineered to improve the air quality within your home without the harsh odors of traditional paints.

Use Air Purifying Paints to Remove and Seal in Chemicals

Air purifying paints are often used to seal a surface that’s releasing VOCs into the air. By trapping VOCs, the air purifying product stops them from escaping into the air and contaminating the indoor environment.

Who should use it?

Anyone suffering from allergies or asthma should take advantage of the health benefits associated with this non-toxic and odorless paint. If you have recently moved into an apartment with poor ventilation, for example, a quick coat of this paint can also help you breathe better and feel more comfortable in your new space. What's more, anyone can benefit from this type of paint, as it does not contain harmful VOCs that can contribute to negative health symptoms.

What are the benefits?

Your home or apartment will look and feel enhanced, of course. But using an air purifying paint means you'll also be less susceptible to harmful pollutants in the air. This paint also comes in unique finishes such as matte, eggshell, semi gloss, and gloss. You may also order various colors to match your personality and personal style. It’s also versatile and can be used to paint bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, making it an obvious choice for any renovation.

Breathe better in a gorgeously renovated and newly painted space

Health-focused paint like air purifying paint can help make a difference in your home’s air quality and possibly improve your allergies. If you are interested in purchasing air purifying paint for your next home renovation project, do not hesitate to place your order and see what a difference it can make.

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