10 Itty Bitty Nurseries That Prove No Space is Too Small

Lullaby 09/20/2016

It's ridiculously fun to design a nursery - but when you've got a small space to work with, creativity is a must. The truth is, you don't need a lot of square footage to make an adorable nursery happen. In fact, with the right colors, patterns, and furniture placement, even the tiniest of spaces can feel light and uncluttered instead of cramped or stuffy. We browsed through Houzz.com to find the tiniest nurseries with the most creative design elements that make each space feel much larger. From unique storage ideas to every sort of stripe, you're sure to find inspiration for designing your tiny nursery below. Check out these 10 itty bitty nurseries that prove no space is too small for a fresh and gorgeous nursery!

10 Itty Bitty Nurseries That Prove No Space is Too Small

1: Charming Bright Yellow and Gray Nursery


Photo by Alykhan Velji Design - Browse transitional nursery ideas

Yellow and grey seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly! This adorable grey and yellow nursery incorporates a few different design elements to help the small room feel more spacious. The high-mounted curtains and stripes on the wall give the illusion of length, while the striped rug helps pull the eye outward towards the walls to make the floor space appear larger, too. Storage is kept to a minimum, conserving valuable floor space. And the multiple textures -- stripes, floral, zebra, oh my! -- is luxurious rather than overwhelming since it's all wrapped up in a neat, understated color palette. Simply divine!

2: Pretty Amsterdam Nursery

The home of Geert and Cecilia

A fold-up changing table/dresser combo, like the one shown here, is a great way to make use of limited floor space! We love the way this pretty Amsterdam nursery makes use of varying shades of white to create a space that feels warm and clean. The just-right, bright pop of color in the decor adds excitement without being distracting. The chair placement here is particularly creative -- just enough space is left for the closet door to open (we would have never thought of that!).

3: Dynamic Modern New York Nursery

Village Brownstone

For extra storage space, try adding some shelving on either side of the window -- the built-in shelving in this nursery is totally gorgeous! This bold New York nursery is the perfect example of making use of floor space in a small room. Ample seating (and relaxing) space, a roomy crib, and gorgeous changing table all fit perfectly. The single frame on the wall is the perfect example of how to accessorize patterned wallpaper. And we adore the combination of different patterns -- when the color palette is kept simple, the effect is energizing, not overwhelming.

4: Off-The-Master Tiny Nursery

Houzz Tour: Cheerful family home shines with vintage touches

Closet-turned-nursery alert! A giant walk-in closet off the master bedroom may not be something you need. This tiny nursery right off of the master bedroom is sure to provide plenty of convenience (especially for those late-night feedings!) and makes great use of space. The light and airy color palette complements the colors of the main bedroom while still standing out as a separate space for baby. And while the window is a great bonus feature of this particular space, a well-placed ceiling light will have a similar warming effect.

5: Tiny Charming Attic Space Nursery

Even slanted ceilings can feel spacious with the right color choice, and this sky-blue attic nursery is the perfect example. A delightful color palette that perfectly complements the wood floor makes this tiny nursery feel cozy instead of stuffy. The strategically-placed pop of color is the perfect way to liven up a space which might otherwise have felt outdated. And by hanging a curtain or two floor-to-ceiling, you can easily create the illusion of height even without a particularly long window.

6: Stunning Elongated Contemporary Nursery

Paddington Terrace

Has there ever been a space to make better use of verticality? The crib, curtains, and ceiling stripes combine to make this room feel like it goes on forever. The patterned rug is the perfect disruption to add excitement and break up the vertical lines. To make low ceilings appear higher, take a page from this nursery's book -- hang curtains from floor to ceiling to give the illusion of extra height!

7: Yet Another Grey and Yellow

Brooklyn Home

This nursery proves that horizontal stripes don't always made a space seem smaller. In fact, the oversized horizontal stripes visually expand this nursery space, making it seem much larger than it really is. Very creative! The chevron rug provides a lovely contrast to the straight-edged stripes. We love the simplicity in the furniture selection -- when space is very limited, a crib and nursing chair are the essentials.

8: Closet Changing Table Nursery

Nursery & Guest Room Re-Design

Limited floor space? Consider using the closet to create a changing nook! Most doors can easily be removed from closets (you'll find that this really opens up the space). One major perk of using the closet as a place for the changing table is that you're likely to have the benefit built-in storage and hanging space for all of baby's essentials, all while conserving valuable floor space in the room. Genius!

9: Pastel and Natural Wood Nursery

6611 Drexel Ave.

You don't need neutral-colored floors for a pastel-inspired nursery! This contemporary yellow and grey nursery embraces the natural wood flooring, tying in the gorgeous warm wood color with the decor. The furniture placement here is prime -- the crib and changing table both hug the walls to create a spacious path to the glider. And the crib-side wall is another great example of making good use of horizontal stripes in a small space; pick the wall that naturally draws your eye into the room for maximum lengthening effect. We love how the understated color choices make these stripes energizing rather than inundating. (Shameless plug: Lullaby Paints in Fresh Cream and Hidden Cove would be perfect for this project!)

10: Gorgeous and Contemporary Closet Crib Nook

Baby Barn

Making use of closet space doesn't have to stop with the changing table example above. This gorgeous, Scandinavian-style nursery is a stunning example of how a closet can be revamped to become a part of the space, increasing square footage of the room. A beautiful mural that matches the room's color palette combined with a well-positioned wall lamp really makes this crib nook feel like a part of the space. (Plus, we're sure that this lucky baby loves gazing up at the pretty branches and leaves!)


See? No space is too small for a modern, cozy nursery. Which of these itty bitty nurseries do you think makes use of space the best? Let us know in the comments!

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