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Filler, Sealers & Glue

Protective coatings
and specialty products
"Contains zero VOCs and is completely non-toxic"

Filler Powder

Filler Powder is the ideal filler for small cracks, holes, and joint repairs on drywall, and a variety of similar jobs. ...

Filler Sealer

Filler Sealer is a clear, colorless liquid used on top of ECOS Filler Powder to seal the surface before applying a paint...

Stone & Tile Sealer Best Seller

Stone & Tile Sealer

Stone & Tile Sealer is a protective sealer for use on most floors and worktop counters made from stone, tile, marble, an...

Plaster Sealer

Plaster Sealer is a clear sealer, ideal for bare plaster, plasterboard and drywall. The sealer ensures good adhesion to ...


Stormseal is a clear silicone based water repellent for use on porous exterior concrete, masonry, brickwork, stonework, ...

Wood Glue

Wood Glue is a strong-bonding glue ideal for interior woodwork, joinery, wooden floor tiles, laminates, floorboards, cor...

Filler, Sealers & Glue

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