10 Unique Ways to Decorate With Baby's Name

Lullaby 09/16/2016

Liam, Emma, Noah, Olivia, Ethan, Ava, Lucas, Sophia – Choosing a name for a newborn is not an easy task. (If you're still hunting, that list includes the most popular baby names of 2016.) Many parents-to-be search through endless lists of baby name ideas, hoping to find that "just-right" name for their little miracle. Once you've finally landed on the perfect name, why not include it in the nursery to personalize the space and welcome your wee one to the world? From sophisticated stenciling, to dramatic backlighting, to playful bunting -- we've rounded up the most creative and unique ways to decorate with baby's name!

1: Make use of bunting for a playful, cheery touch.


An adorable little string of bunting is the perfect way to add some festive flair to any nursery. This one is super easy to DIY, and almost endlessly customizable. Just think of all the combinations of materials (i.e. paper or fabric), patterns, colors, and fonts to choose from!

2: Print baby's name on custom photo wall art.


We love the highly personal touch the custom wall art adds to this lovely blush-pink nursery. Photos can show so much more of your baby's personality than simple lettering ever could. Plus, you're sure to cherish it forever!

3: If you're opting for wooden letters, choose letters with an interesting font.


The classic wall-mounted lettering doesn't have to be boring. An interesting font will make any wood lettering project totally unique. Here's another great example of a wowza-worthy font with a big impact. Etsy is a great place to find some truly creative and beautiful custom wood lettering -- everything from gorgeous cursive to trendy and typewriter-like.

4: Or, string up the letters with ribbons.


Another creative twist on the classic wood lettering: suspending each letter from a ribbon rather than mounting it straight to the wall. The designers of this nursery made excellent use of a variety of ribbon lengths, so the name seems to float above and follow the curve of the crib. Gorgeous!

6: Go vertical.


Who says baby's name has to be mounted horizontally above the crib? This nursery shows the freedom you have to experiment with verticality and position -- and the great things that come as a result!

7: Add baby's name as part of a wall mural.


This nursery may just win the prize for the most unique way to decorate with baby's name. As if the city mural wasn't gorgeous enough, an adorable plane flies the skies above the skyscrapers, leaving behind a golden trail that spells out baby's name. Absolutely gorgeous, and a great example of incorporating baby's name into a wall mural rather than setting it apart.

8: For a less-permanent decor option: Display baby's name on a pillow.


Most nurseries have some kind of rocking chair or glider -- the perfect spot for a decorative pillow showing off your little boy or girl's name! You don't have to commit to a permanent or semi-permanent project, like painting or wall-mounting, to decorate with baby's name. A custom pillow has the benefit of being highly versatile and movable. It's the perfect addition to toddler beds, twin beds, and beyond as your child outgrows the crib.

9: Use light-up marquee letters for a striking statement.


Make a dramatic statement with some big (or small) marquee letters spelling out your little one's name. This is one way to decorate with baby's name that's sure to wow him, especially as he gets older! You can find marquee letters in any size and style, and in a wide price range.

10: Stencil a monogram or initial.


A great way to feature your baby's name in the nursery is using a monogram or initial instead of the full name. Monograms and capital letters are typically easier to stencil since there are fewer characters involved. We love this classy and chic stenciling job -- and the full name lightly overlaid in cursive above the capital initial is a lovely, whimsical touch!


Which of these unique ways to decorate with baby's name did you swoon over the most? Leave us a comment and let us know!