100+ Tiny Home Hacks That Maximize Your Space

ECOS 03/05/2024
In an era of hoarders, mass consumerism, and McMansions the tiny house movement is a voice of environmental reason saying, “Let’s buy less, throw out less, and live by the motto of less is more.” Even if you have no desire to live in a tiny house, you can adapt some of the ingenious space-saving techniques to declutter and organize your home more efficiently. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and these tiny home hacks that maximize your space are definitely necessary when you're living in tight quarters. 

First, allow us to explain why decluttering is so important.

Neuroscientists at Princeton University have found that too much clutter makes you less productive. In a study from 2011, the scientists report that we have a “limited processing capacity of the visual system,” so too many objects constantly distract us. It doesn’t matter if you love every one of the things that surround you, if there are too many of them, you simply can’t think as clearly.

Now for some brilliant tips, check out this Pinboard with 100+ tiny home hacks that maximize your space!

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Here's another brilliant tip: create the illusion of space with just a little bit of paint.

  • Choose light paint colors. Creams and whites reflect light making a room brighter, which also makes it appear larger. If whites and creams are too blah for your taste, choose just one wall for a splash of color.
  • Use cool hues. Our brains perceive colors in different ways. Warm colors, like red, orange, and yellow, tend to draw in a space and make it feel smaller. Alternatively, cool colors like blue, green, and violet, tend to recede or move away and make a space seem more open. (If you have your heart set on a warm color, choose a tint that’s dampened with some cool tones and is very washed out. ECOS Paints in Yellow Tail is a good example of a cooler yellow.)
  • Paint trim and moldings lighter than the walls. When moldings and trim are lighter than the walls, the walls look as if they’re further back.
  • Keep things monochromatic. Use one color scheme, in different shades and textures, on the furniture, flooring, and walls to keep things “clean,” which also creates the illusion of space.
Do you have any tiny home hacks that maximize your space? Please share them with us so we can pass them on to our readers!

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