100 Tiny Houses & Tips for Maximizing Space

ECOS 04/17/2015
100 Tiny Houses & Tips for Maximizing Space

You can find them on wheels, on stilts, in the trees, and tucked into backyards – they’re tiny houses and they’re popping up all over the place! From the cutest classic storybook cottage to minimalist and modern or salvaged, perfectly patinaed shacks, tiny houses, just like their larger counterparts, come in all styles to fit anyone’s aesthetic. If you’re interested in simplifying and small-ifying, check out these 100 tiny houses to find inspiration for your diminutive domicile.

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Since you’ll be shrinking your habitat to anywhere from 100 to 500 square feet, use creative interior designs that focus on using every single inch (and micro-inch) in a way that best maximizes the space. Here are some tips from DecorateSmallSpaces.com:

tiny houses & tips for maximizing space - ecos paints

Another tip we'd like to add is using paint to make the space appear bigger. Here are 5 ways paint can make a small room look larger.

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