12 Painting Tips Everyone Should Know

ECOS 09/07/2016

Painting is one of the easiest ways to give a room a makeover, but if you’re new to the process, it can seem a little daunting. Don’t worry - we’re here to help! Here are 12 painting tips everyone should know that will quickly have you painting like a pro!

1. Invest in high quality paint. It’s easier to paint with, covers with fewer coats, and will keep a “like-new” finish for more years.

2. Prep properly. We know it’s exciting and once you have the color in hand, you just want to see the finished project. But take the time to really prepare your room (or whatever you’re painting) to save yourself time and unnecessary messes in the long run. Take down fixtures, remove outlet covers, patch holes, move furnishings out of the room, clean the surfaces you’ll be painting, etc.

3. Use newsprint on glass. If you’re painting window trim or around glass of any kind, skip the painter’s tape and use strips of newsprint instead. Simply cut some strips, wet them, and place them on the glass along the edges you’ll be painting next to. It will stick just fine and it’s far easier to remove.

4. Learn to cut in. It may take a little practice, but it will save you SO much time! And, there are actually some circumstances that free-hand cutting in leads to a far better result than tape ever could. Here’s a short video showing how to do it like a pro.

5. Cut in first. You’ll end up with a cleaner finish if you cut, then paint.

6. Go from top to bottom. Always paint from the high to the low, so you can catch drips and cover spatters. It’s called working with gravity instead of against it!

7. Paint using long, continuous strokes. Load up your brush or roller with ample paint (not too much, not too little) and use long, sweeping motions to apply it. Short, brisk strokes are a common mistake of amateur painters; and it makes more work and leaves a patchy finish.

8. When using a roller, spread the paint using a “W” or zig-zag pattern for a smooth, even finish.

9. Make a paint caddy. Use a large flat box or old laundry basket as a paint caddy to keep everything in reach and organized as you go. 10. Keep a damp rag in arm’s reach. Every painter, no matter how pro, inevitably drips or spatters or flubs. Damp rags or paper towels work better than dry to quickly clean up those little messes. 11. Don’t clean your brush between coats. Go ahead and take a break or rush off to tend to a crying baby, your brush and roller will be just fine. Simply keep them wet by covering them tightly in an old plastic shopping bag. 12. Never clean a paint tray again! Cover your paint tray with aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or even an old plastic shopping bag before pouring in the paint. At the end of the job, simply let the paint dry, uncover, and toss.

What are your best tricks? Please share them in the comments!

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