2 Creative Spray Paint Projects Perfect For The Artistic Homeowner

ECOS 05/29/2018
spray paint

There are countless projects and activities you can perform at home with spray paint, but unfortunately, many people are hesitant to use these paint products because of the health effects of VOCs. However, this issue can be resolved by investing in non toxic spray paints that have a very low level of VOCs. In a recent study, participants spent six full work days in an environmentally-controlled office space at the TIEQ lab at the Syracuse Center of Excellence. In this space, VOC levels were reduced to approximately 50 micrograms per cubic meter and 40 cubic feet per minute of outdoor air per person. They found that, on average, cognitive scores were 101% higher than in conventional workspaces.

With low VOC paints, there are unlimited ways to be creative in your artistic endeavors without putting your long term health at risk. Here are just a few creative project ideas to try with non toxic spray paints.

Desk Fan Restoration If you have an oscillating desk fan that's more than a year or two old, chances are, it's accumulated a decent amount of dust and debris from general use. Give your fan a brand new appearance by restoring it using whichever color spray paints you choose. You'll be amazed at what the results can provide when it comes to livening up the color scheme of a room. This project is provided by Picklee, and it's easier than you'd expect.

Barstool Painting If you have an eat-in kitchen style bar or open floor plan, adding some flair to your barstools will give your kitchen a whole new look. This idea is provided by Honeybear Lane, and it's as easy as using painter's tape to create the design and color scheme you want. You can also apply traditional paint to the bottom of the legs using a simple dipping method. Give it a try and prepare to be amazed!

Ultimately, non toxic spray paints are just one eco-friendly trend that's improving global health. According to a study by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University, 59% of travelers would choose one hotel over another based on availability of allergen-friendly rooms, and consumers everywhere are paying more attention to their health. With that in mind, you can make the best decisions about the painting projects you try and the paints you use. For more information about safe, non-toxic spray paints, contact Ecos Paints.