3 Spring Gifts to Grant the Eco-Friendly Friend In Your Life

Tony 03/27/2019

spray paint

Spring is almost upon us which means countless Americans will soon dive into their home improvement projects. If you're trying to find the perfect spring gift to welcome the season, consider investing in eco-friendly products for your loved ones. Not only will these gifts make your friend's home improvement job all the easier, but they will also help ensure their home's safety this spring.

Here are some of the top products to check out in 2019.

A compost bin

As your loved one begins their journey toward a healthy, eco-friendly future, they likely have tons of compostable products that go to waste. An unobtrusive compost bin is a perfect addition for a family that likes to garden since they can see the fruits of their labor come to life.

Energy-efficient appliances

When your family wants to improve their home, they're likely going to need new appliances. After all, many products need to be replaced every couple of decades. Whether they just moved into a new home or want to upgrade their old appliances, investing in energy-efficient appliances will lower their energy bills and ensure the most recent safety standards are met.

Eco-friendly paints

One of the first things you should do when giving your home a facelift is to invest in quality paints. Make your loved one's job a little easier by picking out the best paint for the job. When investing in a great paint option, rely on non toxic, low odor paints to keep their family safe.

Did you know PGE (platinum group elements) exposure can double the likelihood of developing allergies in children? It doesn't matter what area of the home your friends plan to paint -- non toxic paints and odorless paints are essential in providing a safe home. Otherwise, your friends may experience negative health effects from VOCs.

Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to find the best low VOC paint, environmentally friendly spray paint, and other crib safe paint in your area. Rely on the best health-focused paint to help your loved one revitalize the look of their home without sacrificing their health.

Spring is right around the corner and countless home improvement projects are about to begin. Are you interested in eco-friendly spray paint? Contact Ecos Paints for the best in clear coats, non toxic spray paint, and eco friendly primers today.