3 Tiny House Tours Featuring Big Design Ideas

ECOS 08/03/2016

Tiny house living has become a big movement and there are many reasons why: they cost less to build, are easier to maintain, decrease a person’s carbon footprint, and give people the freedom to live a less-tethered lifestyle. Of course, many people considering the option wonder if they could really live comfortably in a home that's only 250 square feet. We found three examples of newer tiny houses with surprising innovations that create living spaces that don't feel so cramped and incorporate traditional design features that make them feel more like a regular home. But, don't take our word for it – see for yourself in these three video tiny house tours featuring big design ideas. 

The Alpha Tiny House Has It All

David Latimer is the founder of New Frontier Tiny Homes. In this video he shared his 2nd tiny house build named "The Alpha Tiny House." Like the title says, this tiny house has it all. Huge kitchen, full-sized jacuzzi tub, sliding overhead glass door, king bed, stow away dining, and more.

Mini Mansions Tiny House Has All The Creature Comforts

Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders build tiny homes in Missouri. This tiny house dubbed "Relax Shack Red" has all kinds of features that make living in pretty darn cozy. In this video Emily Mitchell (co-owner of the company) gives a thorough tour of their tiny house.

Tiny LUXURY House- All Off-Grid!

Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (Relaxshacks.com, HGTV, Author of "Microshelters") talks to Mike Bedsole of www.TinyHouseChattanooga.com and tours the company's high-end luxury, 24' model- one that's fully set up for off-grid living. This tiny house on wheels has a Japanese soaking tub, two lofts, tons of cabinet and storage space, and several other great/clever features.

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