3 Ways Paint can Negatively Affect Your Family's Health

Tony 03/08/2019

One of the best ways to make a space feel new again is giving it a fresh coat of paint. But what about the safety risks certain types of paints pose to you and your family? Is the paint you plan on using as safe as you think?

You may not be able to see health issues with your paint, but that doesn't mean they're not dangerous for your family to be around. Keep reading to learn about three types of paint and the negative health effects they can have.

Latex-Based Paints

Latex paint is used primarily because it's easy to clean and it dries quickly. However, it poses a risk not only to those with a latex allergy, but anyone who comes into contact with it. Skin irritation is the biggest risk here, and people who suffer from latex allergies are at an even higher risk of complications due to this type of paint. And since almost 84% of people said they'd choose allergy-friendly rooms when traveling, why not have allergy-free rooms all the time at home?

Oil-Based Paints

Oil based paints can also cause skin irritation. Beyond that, if ingested these paints can cause stomach pain and make their way into the lungs. Health issues like pneumonia can result from mineral-based oils in the lungs. So if you have young, curious children in your household, it's important to avoid using these paints whenever possible.

Solvent-Based Paints

Solvent-based paints pose the biggest risk out of these three types of paints. You might get decent paint coverage, but at the risk of dangerous skin irritation and poisonous paint fumes. Breathing in these fumes for too long can cause trouble breathing, headaches, dizziness, and nausea. So if you're not painting in a well-ventilated space, these fumes can have serious negative effects on your health.

The Solution

Keeping your family safe is more important than any painting job. So when you do need to get some painting done, make sure you're looking at low VOC paints. Even if all you need is a clear coat for painted wood, low VOC, low odor paint is going to be your best bet. And when you shop with Ecos Paints, you're investing in health-focused paints that simply have no match for quality. Color matching and even coverage have never been easier to achieve! And if all you need is a clear coat for painted wood, we've got you covered.

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