4 Tips To Restore Your Pup’s Old Doghouse

ECOS Paints 02/17/2022
4 Tips To Restore Your Pup’s Old Doghouse

Our homes are our protection against the elements. Because of that, they tend to take a beating. And when they do, we must stop to restore them. We mend the shutters, clean the gutters, and reapply the sun-bleached paint.

Our dog’s houses take a beating too, but our canine friends don’t exactly have the opposable thumbs necessary to give their homes a refresh. That’s where we can offer a helping hand. Here are four tips to restore your pup’s old doghouse.

Look at Location

Most people wouldn’t imagine that rethinking the location is significant when finding ways to restore an old doghouse. But you would be surprised just how much the location of a doghouse impacts it.

For example, if you put a doghouse at the bottom of a hill, it will be more likely to flood. Putting it in direct sunlight will lead to faded, blistered paint. Before starting the updating process, consider putting the house in a new spot to ensure your updates stay looking new for longer.

Start With Structural Integrity

You need to build the doghouse on a solid foundation for it to be beautiful. That begins with the building’s structure. Take the time to look for glaring structural issues, such as a slanted floor, damaged roof, or areas where water might get in.

Once you repair those things, you can add elements to help prevent future structural problems. These don’t have to be major. For example, simply putting the house on a slightly elevated platform will prevent flooding.

Invigorate the Interior

Obviously, a dog doesn’t care about all the intricacies of interior design. So the inside of a doghouse doesn’t need much to make it livable for your dog. But there are things you can do to the interior to make it more comfortable for your dog. Changing the bedding is one of them.

Bedding isn’t necessary for a doghouse, but it will make the house warmer and more comfortable. Additionally, it will protect the floor from scuffs and scratches. You can use various materials for doghouse bedding, including:

  • Old rugs
  • Linens
  • Wood chips
  • Dog beds
  • Newspaper

Elevate the Exterior

Your dog probably cares about the visual look of their house’s exterior as much as they care about the interior. However, giving the exterior a little TLC isn’t just about making it look nice (though that is a plus for you). It also helps keep the wood in better shape for longer.

There are two options for restoring your doghouse’s exterior. You can seal the outside surfaces with wood stain and varnish if you like the natural look. Otherwise, you can add a fresh coat of paint. Whichever you use, be sure to get a pet-friendly option, just in case Fido decides to gnaw on the house’s walls.

We all want to keep our dogs protected from the elements. That’s why ECOS Paints has premium quality pet-friendly paints, perfect for keeping your doghouse comfortable and stylish.

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