5 Fantastically Easy Valentine's Crafts

Lullaby 01/31/2013

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we think handmade gifts are the perfect way to say “I love you.” Have no fear if you’re no Martha Stewart - we’ve found easy Valentine's crafts you can do even if you’re all thumbs.

easy valentines crafts lullaby paints

  1. “Wood you be mine” painted coasters from FamilySponge.com - How clever is this? Paint hearts on slices of wood to make a gift that keeps on giving - coasters!
  2. Painted stick heart from daily heART - Seriously, this creation is wall-worthy all year long.
  3. Wire and yarn hearts from Family Chic - Bend the wire frame and then wrap and wrap and wrap to your heart’s content (pun intended)!
  4. Potato Stamp Valentine’s cards from Homemade Serenity - This is the perfect idea for the littlest artisans!
  5. Heart ornament from Nordic Touch - Make some baker’s clay or buy some bakeable clay at your local craft store to make this simple, elegant ornament.
Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!