5 Foolproof Ways to Paint a Baby Room Mural

Lullaby 05/13/2013

Murals are all over the place these days in baby nursery design and they’re an absolutely fabulous way to personalize a space. But, what do you do if you want to give your baby nursery that kind of wow-factor and you don’t have an ounce of artist in you? Follow these 5 foolproof ways to paint a baby room mural and then revel in the awe and admiration from all who enter!

1. Use stencils. There’s a stunning variety of stencils available these days and you can find everything from basic patterns to elaborate designs. And, the great thing about stencils is that you don’t even need a steady hand - you just daub on color. Perfect for those of us who have a hard time “coloring inside the lines!”

2. Rent (or borrow) a projector. Contact your local library or schools to see if you can rent a projector. Slap your picture on it, project it on the wall, and carefully outline the image in pencil.

3. Use tape. If you’re considering a very geometrical design, use some high-quality painter’s tape to mark-off your edges. Just be sure to give the paint ample time to dry before peeling away the tape to ensure a clean edge.

4. Choose a foolproof design. Find inspiration from abstract art (or the doodles of a child!) and go free-form with your design! Just be sure to sketch out an idea first. Don’t worry if you can’t replicate it exactly on the wall - that’s why it’s free-form! Another tip if you decide to go this direction? Keep the color palette simple - possibly even monochromatic.

5. Use a paint-by-number wall mural kit. Seriously! They exist!

Whatever you decide, remember that mistakes can easily be covered with a little touch-up paint. So, have fun with it - and share pictures with us on Facebook when you’re done!