50 Ideas for Floral Baby Nurseries

Lullaby 02/21/2015

From shabby-chic, classic floral patterns to whimsical watercolored bouquets, flowers can be used in design in an infinite amount of ways. If you're interested in incorporating them into your baby's nursery, skip the boring, generic pieces you might find at the local super store and use one of these 50 ideas for floral baby nurseries. An added bonus of using elements with a bit more imagination or sophistication is that they can grow with your child or be re-purposed for other places in your home!

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Wondering how to design around the unique ideas featured here? It's pretty simple and the technique applies to any room in your home. First, choose your inspiration – it can be anything from an antique quilt to a rug or piece of art. Next, identify one or two colors from the piece that will be the dominant colors used throughout the room. Finally, identify another  one or two colors that will be used as the accent colors somewhat sparingly throughout the space. You'll certainly end up with decor that doesn't fall perfectly into the color palette, and that's okay. Just make sure your key elements reflect the core colors you've selected. Here are two examples:

lullaby paints and dwell design floral color palette

lullaby paints floral color palette

Still have questions? Let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to help! Have fun designing your floral nursery!