6 Simple Father's Day Crafts to DIY or Buy

Lullaby 06/06/2013

Are you still wondering what to get that special dad for Father’s Day? Sure, it’s easy enough to go to the nearest national chain store and find a novelty tie or coffee mug, but we think something handmade has so much more meaning. So, here are 6 simple ideas for Father’s Day gifts you can make. And, if you don’t have time or an ounce of Martha Stewart in you, we’ve still got you covered! You can buy any of these from the creative artisans of Etsy. (It’s still handmade with love, right?)

  1. Golf Ball Marker & Painted Golf Tees from WyomingCreative - Stripes, solids, polka dots, dipped, whatever. Get out the paints and let the kids have a blast making personalized tees that will make dad’s golf buddies green with envy. (Get it? Golf - green? Oh, we’re punny sometimes...)
  2. Personalized DIY Child's Handprint Tree Poster from peachwik - This is really fun for kids and you can make it large or small - just be sure to use non-toxic** paint.
  3. Natural Beach Stone Message Rock from Pebble Creationz - Mod Podge or paint this clever pun on a beautiful rock your child picked up on your last vacation or walk. Customize the size based on dad’s lifestyle. If he travels a lot, a small rock might be nice for keeping in his suitcase and using on hotel bedside tables as a reminder of home. For the dad with a workshop, a large rock that’s displayed near the doorway might be sweet decor!
  4. Bamboo Wooden Utensil Set from LittleCleoatHome - For the dad who loves to cook! If you’re tackling this clever paint-dip design, you could also do it on the wooden handles of a BBQ set, basic tool set, or paint brushes!
  5. Baby Footprint Art from PitterPatterPrint - It may be a trick getting dad to do his handprints without revealing what you’re up to, but the end result is such a lovely way to say “I love you,” as well as capturing the delicate footprint of your little angel.
  6. Framed Chalkboard Note from JustLittleLoveables - Such an easy way to leave a sweet message for Dad whenever the mood strikes!

**Conforms to ASTMD-4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin irritation and respiratory effects.

Do you have other easy ideas? Share them in the comments!