6 Tips for a Perfectly Painted Doghouse

ECOS 03/05/2024

It’s easy to buy a doghouse, but it’s so much more rewarding to build your own. Never built one? Not sure what kind of paint is safe for your pet? Here are 6 essential tips for a perfectly painted doghouse that will help you avoid common mistakes and keep your dog happy, comfortable and safe!

1. Size is Important: Build a doghouse that fits your dog. We can’t stress this enough. Building an extravagant doghouse for a small dog isn’t going to do it any favors. A doghouse should be just big enough so that they can stretch and turn around comfortably.

2. Raise the Foundation: Elevate the doghouse a few inches off the ground with a solid foundation. Raising the doghouse allows for better air circulation, water runoff, and keeps your dog from having direct contact with the ground (this is important for those cold winters).

3. Beware of Mother Nature: Going that extra mile to weatherproof your dog’s doghouse will pay dividends in the long run. A slanted or peaked roof works wonders if you live in an area that snows. Using roof felt or shingles to cover the roof is another great proactive approach to increase the durability of your doghouse. Create an overhang for the door to help with insulation and protect your dog against rain, wind, and the cold.

4. Ventilate: Adding ventilation to your dog’s house will help keep that tail wagging! You can either drill small holes in the wall just below the roof or add vents in the peaks of the roof. Not only will ventilation keep your dog cool during those hot summer months, but it will also help prevent mold and pest infestations.

5. Use Non-Toxic* Paint: Use a pet-preferred paint** so you don’t expose your pet to the toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene found in most conventional paints. One option is ECOS Pet Dwellings Paint -- used by breeders and veterinarians around the world! Our ECOS Pet Dwellings Paint is totally washable, non-toxic*, and suitable for primed or previously painted metal or wood.

6. Choose the Right Color: Depending on where you live, the color of your doghouse will have an effect on your dog’s comfort. White and other light colors work wonders if you live in a warm climate. They help keep your dog cool by reflecting the sun. Black and other dark colors will attract and absorb heat from the sun and keep your dog warm. Check out our huge selection of  colors, all of which are extremely durable. (Order some color cards to help you decide!)

We hope this helps! If you have any other tips or tricks let us know in the comments!

*Conforms to ASTMD-4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin irritation, and respiratory effects.
** Formulated without harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and toluene which can cause sickness, irritation, and respiratory issues.

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