7 Interesting & Safe Ideas to Decorate Your Baby's Room

Carrie Green 04/08/2019

7 Interesting & Safe Ideas to Decorate Your Baby's Room

Designing a nursery is part fun and part challenging as it takes a lot of precise planning to make your home ready for your baby. The scope of designing baby rooms has evolved leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. The options available in the market are both fun and safe for the baby with eco-friendly paints, organic upholstery & furniture, and minimalist themes. As parents, we are always looking to leave no stone turned to give a safer environment for our children to grow and here is how you can take the first step towards it.


Start with choosing the color scheme of the room. With a variety of options available, it could be quite confusing to pick the right color. The right approach will also be, to understand the characteristics of the room and then go ahead and accentuate it. For instance, the room is too dark and is not facing direct sunlight, then choose colors which are bright and warm. A visually appealing room will stimulate the baby's brain development.

Once the color palette has been finalized, narrow down on the best available eco-friendly and toxic-free paints in the market. According to What to Expect, “Materials that don’t emit chemicals into the air or leach them onto your baby’s sensitive skin are less likely to cause allergic reactions or respiratory problems, and that means everyone sleeps better."


The decor is an extension of the theme you have decided for the room. It could be an extension of your home and your personality. Narrowing down the theme could help you design the rest of the room in a specific and guided fashion. Besides that, look for elements in the room like a window, the shape of the roof, the structure of the room, etc. to use it in defining the décor.

Keep the decor minimal with adequate space for storage, as it will make your life easier once the baby arrives. Stick to the purpose of the nursery and de-clutter all that is not necessary for the baby.


The crib will be the center of the room and will be the most used piece of furniture. So, while narrowing down on the perfect crib for your baby look for the following features:

  • Pick a crib with a solid make and exterior to avoid any dangerous cuts or uneven surface
  • Buy mattress and sheets that are durable and comfortable for the baby
  • Look for unique shapes instead of the regular rectangle ones to add an interesting touch to the nursery
  • Give it last touches to match with the ongoing theme of the room, with matching sheets or accessories. Do not overdo the crib as it will be only uncomfortable and unsafe for the baby


Storage space can never be adequate and especially in your baby’s room. From toys to clothes, baby things will take over the nursery in no time. In order to de-clutter and help you function properly, create adequate storage space for baby essentials. You can revamp these storage panels or drawers for future use.

The storage panels or drawers can have a pop of colors to create a fun play of patterns and accentuate the nursery. Remember the baby needs a lot of floor-time, so keep the floor free.


Lighting defines the space and accentuates the design. Choosing the right kind of lights for your nursery is crucial to set the mood of the place right. At all cost avoid harsh lighting as it will hurt your baby’s developing eyes. Instead, include soft glow lights in the room to give the baby a warm and cozy feeling. Dim lights are equally important to put the baby to sleep in a tranquil environment. Create layers of light with dimmers, soft glows and normal lights as per the requirement.

Nursing & Sanitation Station

A nursing station and a changing table are a very important part of the baby’s room. Coordinate the furniture in accordance with the decor. For the nursing station, you need a comfortable place to feed your baby. Invest in an adjustable chair (rocking chair) which can give you comfort while nursing the baby. As far the as the sanitation station is concerned, keep it germ-free with sanitary supplies and cleaning the place once every day.


Once you have taken care of the important things in the baby’s room, start personalizing the nursery. You can monogram the wall with the baby’s initials or name with light marquee or wooden blocks, according to your taste. Frame family pictures or make a first-year of the baby in pictures chart for the room. Blankets and pillows can have their names monogrammed on them. If you have any toys from your childhood or family keepsakes like your baby blanket, they can all make way into the nursery to add a personalized touch.