7 Simple Stupendous DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Lullaby 02/06/2013

Growing up, chalkboards were strictly a hallmark feature of school classrooms, but these days chalkboard paint has made them delightful design components for everything from coffee cups to nursery walls. Today we’re featuring 7 super simple, stupendous DIY chalkboard paint ideas for your next project.

  1. Down to Earth Chalkboard Wall Coloring Book - This is so brilliant! As Megan says “What can you do with a lowly coloring book? Project it onto a chalkboard wall, and then trace the pictures with chalk.” Coloring inside the lines? Optional.
  2. MC Baby Bump Chalkboard Dresser - Not only is this a great idea for giving an old dresser a new life, it’s also a fantastic way to help toddlers learn words and organization (not to mention the extra helping hands for putting away laundry!).
  3. Jill of Most Trades Chalkboard Coffee Table - This table is ultra-versatile and suitable for every age. Toddlers can doodle on it, families can play Tic-Tac-Toe or Hangman on it, do whatever you can dream up! We love Lauren’s idea of jotting notes on it in those moments you can’t find a pen and paper.
  4. Dejavu Crafts Playroom Chalkboard - We love the ornate, girly frame on this playroom chalkboard. And, the giant size makes it a great stand-in for people who can’t paint a whole wall because they’re renting or because they simply don’t want to make the commitment.
  5. Project Denneler Outdoor Chalkboard - Who says all the fun has to happen inside? The Denneler family made a fun space for some fence “graffiti” so their kids can get some sunshine and fresh air as they release their creative energies. Don’t forget the adorable hanging metal bucket so the chalk never gets lost!
  6. Fancy Frugal Life Chalkboard Lunch Box - This is so clever and simple we couldn’t believe we’d never seen it before. What an easy way to share reminders or sweet nothings with your child!
  7. Our Fifth House Chalkboard Wall Calendar - For families with crazy schedules this could be a real sanity saver. And, the giant size ensures NO ONE can forget a thing.

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**Conforms to ASTMD-4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin irritation and respiratory effects.

Have any other chalkboard paint ideas? Share them in the comments!