7 Wonderful Reasons to Paint Your Own House

ECOS Paints 07/10/2020
7 Wonderful Reasons to Paint Your Own House

With summer home improvement projects ruling the world right now, you’re probably wondering where to start. Should you refinish all your furniture? Should you change up the landscape of your entire yard? What’s taking it too far and what’s actually plausible for success? Though the answer to those questions depends on the person tackling the project, there are some projects that are better than others. One of those projects is painting.

Though some may only want to paint the bathroom for the summer, you could go for the long haul and paint the entire house! You could use this summer season as an opportunity to design a home with a personality to match your own, throughout your entire space. The best part is, you really don’t even have to get any help from anyone else—it’s a true DIY. Need more of an excuse to go all-in on this project? Take a look at these reasons to paint your own house. You’ll want to order buckets of paint as soon as you finish!

Promotes a Healthier Indoor Air Quality

When you choose the right paint, you’re making a difference in the air quality of your home. When you take the time to paint the home with zero-VOC paint, you’ll help reduce fumes and odors that typically arise. Not to mention, when you choose ECOS Paints, you’re choosing paints that are odorless*, eco-friendly, and our air purifying products can even enhance your indoor air quality. It’s truly a win-win!

Enhances Your Curb Appeal

Hopefully, all the projects you’re tackling this summer have at least something to do with curb appeal. Even if you’re not trying to sell your home, it’s never a bad idea to make changes to the initial attractiveness of your home. For some that means landscaping, and for others, that means finally putting some new paint on the exterior.

When you follow our essential tips on properly painting your home’s exterior, you’ll encourage further success. This is because there’s a difference between painting the whole house and painting the whole house well. It won’t make a difference in curb appeal if you don’t take the steps to ensure total success. You can get the professional paint finish without having to hire professionals.

Encourages Cleaner Living

Now, this doesn’t always work for everybody, but the idea of fresh paint all throughout the house can keep people from making a mess. Think about it this way – when you clean a bedroom for the first time in a while, you strive harder to keep it clean. It’s the same principle. When you’ve put in all this work to transform the different areas of the home, you’ll feel more motivated to show it off, which means keeping it clean.

In addition, painting also keeps dirt and dust to a minimum. When you paint interior walls and trim, it helps keep a lot of additional dust at bay, especially once the project is complete. This is even more true for homes with plaster walls.

It’s a Good Way to Find Damage

When you make the decision to dive deep into this whole house painting project, then you open the chances of bringing more projects to fruition. For example, you may not have looked into the condition of your basement walls since you moved in. But, now that you’re painting them, you notice water stains that need addressing. Maybe you haven’t looked at the ceiling of the bathroom in a while—now you’re aware of water stains, leaks, and other imperfections.

It’s the same idea with the exterior of the home. Not many people wander around their home and look at how it’s holding up—we just assume it is. But regular inspections are important, and painting the exterior is an excellent way to inspect and improve your home. Now, keep in mind that if there is any damage to the walls, ceilings, or roofing, then you should contact a professional to ensure there’s not a bigger problem at hand.

Protects Exterior and Interior Surfaces

Once you’ve addressed those concerns and damages, a fresh layer of primer and paint can actually help protect the exterior and interior surfaces of your home. Most paint has some sort of protective layer that helps it resist wear and tear, moisture, and other factors. This is especially true for exterior paints that can help protect it from the elements. Of course, that will also mean that you need to choose a quality, durable paint—not all paints are created equal, and if you want the perfect coat to protect your home’s walls, then you’ll need something strong.

For example, our exterior vinyl siding paint is a low-sheen, protective finish paint that dries to a hard and durable film. You want something that is incredibly hard-wearing and washable—that’s what you’ll get with our exterior paints.

Influences the Mood and Atmosphere of the Home

In a previous blog, we talked about how color influences mood. A light blue can bring calm where a too-bright yellow can create anxiety and overwhelm. Think about the colors and your walls and whether or not the choices made have a negative impact on the mood and personality you want your home to emit. If you’re not impressed, happy, relaxed, or even hungry from the color choices on the walls—change it.

When you decide to paint your home, you’re giving life to the home. You’re making the conscious decision to impact the mood and atmosphere of the space. And isn’t that incredible?

It’s a Simple House Makeover

Simple...ish! In the grand scheme of things, this is probably one of the simplest ways to give your home a makeover. Rather than ripping out carpet and putting in hardware, knocking down walls, and changing up format, paint is an easy way to remodel. Even if your home just needs a little bit of updating, paint produces quick rejuvenation for the space. It’s a dive into the deep end that you don’t want to miss!

Hopefully, these reasons to paint your own house gave you the kickstart you needed to accomplish this project. You’ll be off on the path to success when you make these changes and partner with ECOS Paints. We’re the paint supplier you want for a project as big and as important as this. We offer eco-friendly paint that’s sure to keep your home healthy and looking good. Shop all our wonderful paint varieties now!

*Odorless - no traditional paint (polyurethane) odor, which can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues.

7 Wonderful Reasons to Paint Your Own House