8 Awesome Holiday Crafts for Toddlers

Lullaby 12/21/2012

Crafting with kids is an especially fantastic way to make memories for years to come. But, sometimes these magical moments simply result in a mind-boggling mess. Here are 8 awesome ideas that are fool-proof and fabulous. Have fun!

Cardboard Ornaments

These are so easy it’s genius! Simply cut circles in cardboard and then do slits all around the edges. Then give your child some colorful yarn to wrap around the disc and voila!


Found on Snap Creativity

Wrapping Paper Memory Game

What a fantastic idea for using all those leftover bits of wrapping paper! Pack up the pieces with your holiday decor and keep building on the collection each year. The game will grow with your child as the game gets bigger and more challenging.

Wrapping Paper Memory Game

Found on One Perfect Day

Colorful Button Christmas Tree

If your child’s too small to string them together, simply have her help you choose which order the buttons should go in!

Button Christmas Tree

Found on Beneath the Rowan Tree

Giant Craft Stick Snowflakes

These are divine! What an elegant idea to keep up all winter long!

Craft Stick Snowflakes

Found on Crafty Nest

Snowman Dress Ups

This is like Mr. Potato Head, but better! Make as many accessories as your imagination can come up with for endless hours of fun with your little ones.

Snowman Dress Up

Found on Small Fry Blog

Craft Stick Christmas Tree

This craft is absolutely glue-tastic! Seriously, help your child make the basic shape and then let him go crazy gluing on decor.



Found on Simm Works Family

Sparkly Snow Dough

Who doesn’t love sparkles during the holidays? This DIY dough is uber easy, elegant and fun!

Sparkly Snow Dough

Found on Ten Kids and a Dog

Icicle Ornaments

Sparkly pipe cleaner + colorful beads = awesome!

Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Found on Happy Hooligans

What are your favorite family holiday crafts?