8 Easy Ways Paint Can Transform a Kid's Room

Lullaby 11/25/2015

It's inevitable. Your baby will grow up. And when she does, all the loving details you put into the nursery will become stale and your little one will desperately want to become a big one with a room to reflect that. Once your child hits that point you'll certainly have to transition to a new bed (no more crib!), but you don't need to start from scratch to create an awesome bedroom. With a wee bit of paint, you can make a striking visual impact (nursery no more!). Here are 8 easy ways paint can transform a kid's room.

This slideshow from Houzz shows 8 simple ideas:

  1. Paint the ceiling. People act like white ceilings are the law. Not so. Switch things up by having neutral walls with a pop of color on the ceiling.
  2. Paint a bright accent wall. Most people are terribly afraid of bold, bright colors. Don't be! Trust your gut when you're looking at paint swatches and pick something bold and bright for just one wall. By just doing one wall, it's pretty much fool-proof.
  3. Stencil a wall. They may look daunting if you've never tried them, but wall stencils are super easy (and far cheaper than wallpaper or wall decals). You can make your own stencil or buy one of the many options available these days.
  4. Go for stripes. Stripes never go out of style and they're really not so hard to do. Regardless of their simple design, they always make a big, visual impact! Check out these ideas for painting stripes.
  5. Paint a faux rug. Rugs are great, but they can also be also trips-ville for your little ones. Get the same aesthetic appeal by painting a faux rug! Sound crazy? Just try it. It will totally transform the space and if you don't like the end result, it's not the end of the world.  You can paint over it or sand it away.
  6. Paint a faux headboard. Everyone knows a headboard makes a bed a dramatic statement piece in a room. Here's a secret: you can create the same visual impact by painting the headboard on the wall.
  7. Paint the furnishings. In the slideshow above, they show a black lampshade. It's striking and interesting and you can do the same thing with almost anything. You can paint lamp shades, lamp bases, furniture, knick knacks, books, toys, anything!
  8. Update the textiles. Go ahead, dip your curtains. Or "water  paint" your rocking chair's upholstery. Get fun and funky!

Kids grow like weeds. The cliche is totally true. But you don't need to spend a fortune making over their rooms as their personalities and tastes change. Just a little bit of paint can transform a kid's room.

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