8 Eye-Catching and Easy Accent Wall Ideas

ECOS 03/05/2024
8 Eye-Catching and Easy Accent Wall Ideas
Creating a statement wall is a great way to play with design and adds a stunning and visually interesting touch to any home. Whether it's with paint, props, or specialized products, this design technique is one of the easiest around. But even though it's easy to execute, choosing your creative concept can be a bit more challenging. Take the plunge with confidence using inspiration from these 8 eye-catching and easy accent wall ideas!

#1 The best accent wall is on the right wall.

A statement wall should be the focal point of the room (that's what makes it a statement). How do you know which wall to choose? Stop and think: When you first enter the room, where are your eyes drawn to? A wall with some architectural interest, like a fireplace or large window, is a great choice for a statement wall. As shown in this picture, the wall that backs the biggest pieces of furniture are also ideal accent walls.

#2 Decide on decor before.

As you decide which wall to transform, make sure to think about how you plan on decorating. If the adjacent walls boast an abundance of paintings, mirrors, and other art, adding a brightly-colored statement wall means risking a busy and cluttered look. Do you have any decorations you plan to hang on the accent wall? If so, make sure the color you choose will compliment the decor rather than overpower it. This stunning living room is an excellent example of choosing an appropriate color to accent bold wall decor. And when choosing decor for your statement wall, choose a theme or color palette and stick to it. Too many color clashes will distract from the beauty of the wall rather than enhance it.

#3 Neutral and natural tones can be terrific, too.


Wary of wild colors? You can still make a modern statement with your accent wall without the use of bright colors. Opt for muted neutrals or browns, like ECOS Interior Eggshell Wall Paint in Coffeeshop, for a more subtle and soothing room transformation. Even a wall painted a shade close to white, like light tan or heather grey, can play a huge part in softening the starkness of an all-white room.

#4 Add depth with texture.

Creating a statement wall with textured material, such as tiling or brick, adds depth in a way that paint never could. This tutorial from Jaclyn Colville on YouTube shows a ridiculously quick and easy way to DIY a textured brick wall using faux brick panels from Home Depot!

#5 Wall hangings make a wonderful paint-free accent.

A dazzling accent wall is possible to DIY without any painting at all! With a large assortment of eclectic art and wall hangings, you can make a statement with nothing but a hammer and nails. OK, and maybe a level! We recommend choosing a wall with architectural interest for this method, too. And make sure that the adjacent walls are free of wall hangings to keep the space looking uncluttered.

#6 Slap on some stripes.


Who says a wall needs to be painted a solid color? Horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, and chevron are all bold and exciting choices for your statement wall. Check out our 5 Tips for Flawless Stripes & Chevron, including a great (and easy) tutorial for painting a Chevron wall.

#7 DIY ombre with ease.

Annabelle’s tutorial shows how to create a gorgeous ombre wall with just 2-3 different interior paints in the same color family. The project is made easier with a few extra paint trays to mix two paints together (and save the mixed color!), but the wall can be blended by hand as well.

#8 Get instant impact with an oversized decal.

H&H‘s Reiko Caron shows how to update a plain wall with a large custom-made mural in just 15 minutes! Caron ordered the custom mural with a sticker-back from MuralsYourWay.Com, and singlehandedly finished the wall in the blink of an eye. Speedy yet stunning!

  Which statement wall ideas have you added to your mental toolbox? Let us know in the comments below!

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