9 Creative Nursery Colors to Boost Your Child's Mood

Lullaby 07/15/2016

If you've ever thought about a paint color for a nursery, you've more than likely been astonished at the huge amount of color choices and various shades. What if we told you there's a way to narrow down the spectrum in a way that genuinely helps your child's mental health? Plenty of color psychology studies show that colors truly do have a big impact on little ones. The effects of your child's wall color on their developing mind may surprise you! We pulled together nine of our favorite creative nursery colors to boost your child's mood, with beautiful inspo boards to match.


Aqua woodsy_aqua_modern_nursery_lullaby_paints

Our favorite version of the classic blue nursery involves a vivid aqua, such as Azure Sea. Blue is proven to create a feeling of calm, so kids who are prone to sleeping difficulties or tantrums can particularly benefit from the color. This shade of blue is an energizing and cheery alternative to traditional blues, and it's a great fit for boy's or girl's nurseries alike.

Light Yellow sunshine-nursery

A light and easy shade of yellow, such as Sunshine Yellow, is one of our favorites for a few reasons. It's one of the best gender-neutral colors for boosting cheerfulness. In addition, yellow is shown to increase motivation and self-efficacy in both kids and adults. Brighter yellows can boost memory, while gentler yellows like the one above help keep kids focused and in the moment. Overdoing it with the yellow, however, can have its consequences: Too much yellow can agitate a child especially over long periods of time.If you're seeking a paint color for a playroom, you may have found the perfect match - Studies show that yellow stimulates creative thinking and intelligence.

Not-Quite-White MyModernNursery107b1-480x645 (1)

The best part about a near-white shade (such as Saltire): It makes any room look instantly bigger. For this reason, the shade is perfect for small or dark nurseries that are starting to feel like the walls are closing in. The purity of white and near-white shades makes kids feel clean, fresh, and good. A near-white room with bright furnishing and decor can really pop and help kids (and parents!) to feel more at ease and less scatterbrained. Plus, the not-quite-white quality means your walls will be safer from looking stark and barren.

Light Blue MyModernNursery106blue-480x645

This fresh take on Baby Boy Blue in a little girl's nursery is still one of our very favorite inspo boards! Blues in general are known to decrease anxiety and aggressive urges, and this calming periwinkle is particularly divine. Blue is best suited for restless, sleepless children, and may have negative effects on naturally calm, quiet, and sensitive kids.

Blush pink modern_pink_nursery_design_inspiration

Pink relaxes and invokes feelings of empathy and sensitivity. Though pink is traditionally associated with girly spaces, its calming effects apply to both girls and boys. Paired with the right artwork and accessories, a barely-there pink like Softest Pink could totally fly for a gender-neutral or baby boy's nursery (especially if Mama is a pink-lover!)

Grey MyModernNursery103-480x645

Light cool colors can have a relaxing effect on kids, while making spaces seem more expansive. Feel like your room needs a breath of fresh air for the sake of both you and your child? Grey may be the answer. But anyone wanting to go grey faces the same problem: Finding THE perfect shade! If you happen to be stuck in that rut, have no fear, because we think we've done the job for you. Frosted Veil is the perfect balance between light and dark and between warm and cool.

Neutrals lullaby6-1

Warm neutrals, such as Wake, inspire comfort and happiness. Even the coldest and starkest rooms can be made cozy with a fresh coat of a neutral shade. If you're looking for a natural and light color that isn't white or gray, you're in luck. Neutrals give a warm addition to any room without going overboard. This causes large spaces to feel much more intimate for children, causing them an increase in comfort (and decrease in stress!)

Orange MyModernNursery1111-480x645

Orange gets a bad reputation due to some people's belief that it triggers anger and aggression in kids. It's true that too much orange can have adverse effects on young ones' moods, but orange is truly misunderstood. Orange encourages confidence, independence, and openness to social situations. Kids and their friends will be totally at ease in an orange room, since the color inspires communication. We love Tangerine, a bubbly take on traditional orange hues!


Green (Earthy or Citron) MyModernNursery97-480x645citron_nursery

Green is a highly underrated nursery color, especially since it's gender-neutral. Green is natural and soothing to children. It's perfect for already-avid young readers or kids who struggle with the task: Studies show that green may improve reading comprehension and speed. There are no adverse effects of calming greens, such as Hidden Path (left), so go crazy! Brighter, more energizing takes on the hue (Citron, right) are cheery in small doses but should not be overused.


What's your favorite trendy nursery color best for boosting moods? Did you change your mind about any colors after reading this post? Let us know in the comments below!