Paint the Mood You Want: The Effects of Room Colors

Tony 08/12/2019
 Paint the Mood You Want: The Effects of Room Colors

Deciding on the kind of paint you want is easy; non toxic wall paint is the only choice for eco friendly paint that won’t off-gas harmful chemicals for years after its application. If you are wondering, “why should I avoid VOCs” via non toxic wall paint, first go and read our articles explaining the effects of these dangerous compounds.

Once you have committed to using non toxic paint for walls, you have to decide what color you want your walls to be. This is a much more important decision than you may think. Ask any artist about the link between color and mood, and odds are they will have a lot to say on the matter. When designing a room, the same rules apply — in fact, researchers are finally beginning to study the link between room color and cognition. However, for the moment, much of this domain is based on opinions and anecdotal evidence. That being said, here are a couple examples of some common links between color and emotion:

The Color Blue

Blue is one of the colors best known for its strong emotional impact. Artists often use the color to indicate a feeling of melancholy, as Picasso famously did during his “blue period.” However, this is not to say that the color blue automatically elicits feelings of sadness. Generally, the color is associated with a sense of tranquility and calmness. It does not demand attention, but is said to be often accompanied by a sense of security, making it a popular color in marketing. For your house, you should use blue non toxic wall paint in rooms where you want to promote peacefulness and relaxation, such as a bathroom or bedroom. Home buyers seem to agree — according to an analysis by Zillow, homes with blue bathrooms sold for $5,400 more than anticipated.

The Color Yellow

In sharp contrast to the color blue’s relaxing, unobtrusive nature, the color yellow tends to grab people’s attention. Yellow is a high-visibility color that evokes feelings of energy and warmth, likely because of its association with the sun. As such, yellow paint is perfect for the walls of your sun room, or a room intended for social gatherings, such as the living room or play room.

Whatever color palette you choose, make sure you get your non toxic wall paint from Ecos Paints. With Ecos Paints, you can create the mood you want while not having to worry about the off-gassing of harmful VOCs.