Dozens of DIY Stained, Varnished, and Painted Floorboards

ECOS 06/26/2015

Looking to give new life to your aging original floorboards? Whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or attic, the options are pretty much endless. And if you use high quality products and apply them correctly, you can trust the surface will last for years. Here are dozens of DIY stained, varnished, and painted floorboards to get your design gears going.

First, check out this slideshow of 11 distinctive finishes from Houzz contributor Cheryl Freedman who makes the following recommendations:

"If you're lucky enough to have original planks in your home, make the most of them by choosing a finish you love, whether oil, varnish, stain or paint. Think about practicalities and your aesthetic sensibilities: Is your floor in a high-traffic area? Do you like things to look smart and traditional, or is lived-in and Shabby Chic more your thing? Take a look at the following floorboards for ideas and inspiration."

11 Distinctive Finishes for Original Floorboards

Here are more interesting ideas for painted floors:

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Here are a few other blog posts for additional inspiration and tips:

Finally, check out ECOS Paints durable floor finishes (they're so tough we use them on our factory floors!):

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