Amazing Resource For Finding Eco-Friendly Building Products

ECOS 04/15/2024

Looking for the greenest, safest building and renovation products? Luckily, the International Living Future Institute is working hard to make it easier for you! They’ve created the Declare database; a platform of the Living Building Challenge -- which is widely accepted to be the most advanced green building standard in the world. Think of Declare as the organic aisle when it comes to the building industry. It’s the most detailed “nutrition” label you’re going to find on building products and an incredible resource for finding eco-friendly building products.

Using the Declare product database, consumers, architects, and contractors can find a detailed breakdown of building products which have surpassed Declare’s strict standards. Everything from the ingredients, the source, and manufacturing locations for each product can be found on the Declare label. Also, all products have to be renewed every 12 months to ensure labels are kept up to date and no infringement has occurred.

Currently, the database includes the following product categories: masonry, concrete, wood, plastics, metals, thermal and moisture protection, doors and windows, finishes, furnishings, conveying systems, equipment, mechanical, electrical, water and wastewater equipment.

Here’s what you’ll find on a Declare label:

Amazing New Resource For Finding Eco Friendly Paints & Green Building Products ECOS Paints

Pretty helpful, right?

Did you know that ECOS Paints is the only paint manufacturer in North America in the Declare database? Check out our press release, ECOS Paints Earns the Prestigious 'Declare' Label for Transparency, Safety, & Eco-Friendliness, on receiving this incredible honor!