15 of 2015's Best DIY Blogs for Amateurs & Experts

ECOS 12/28/2015

From using cement and copper tubing to make a chic side table to using an old barn door and wood stain for a rustic shelving unit, the DIY ideas in the blogosphere are unendingly awesome. And it doesn't matter what level of expertise you have or even what budget – there are plenty of projects for everyone. Looking for some fresh inspiration for 2016? Here are 15 of 2015's best DIY blogs for amateurs and experts. Enjoy!

  • HomeMade-Modern - Have you ever wanted to make a bike rack out of copper tubing that works great and looks cool, too? This blog is where you'll find things to build that you didn’t even know you wanted. In their own words: "HomeMade Modern was launched with the intent of participating in the mass dissemination of good design ideas, not the mass production of value engineered objects. Every project that we publish is created with the belief that design is about communicating how and why something should be made. We want to inspire and encourage people to create heirloom quality goods with naturally durable materials."
  • Addicted2diy - Katie is about as resourceful as it gets and she'll teach you how to use stuff you thought you should throw out. It's upcycling at its best! Giant Christmas tree ornaments from old tires? Amazing. She even has free building plans! She says, "I love to work with my hands and building beautiful things for our home definitely puts me in my happy place.  I also love sharing this hobby with my boys, who have gotten to the ages where they can also help out."
  • Manhattan Nest - Equal parts entertaining and informative, this blog follows Daniel Kanter as he fixes up houses. He says, "I started this blog back in the 2010 out of a carpeted, fluorescent-lit college dorm room in Manhattan. Then I moved into one apartment, and then another. Somewhere in there, I adopted a dog, Mekko, and then another dog, Linus. In 2013, I did the craziest/stupidest/most exciting thing I’ve ever done and bought an 1865 fixer-upper in the small Hudson River Valley city of Kingston, New York, which I’ve been trying to restore to its original glory ever since.  Oh, and then a little over a year later, I bought a condemned house down the street to fix up, too. I make questionable life choices. It’s all part of the fun."
  • Sawdust2Stitches - Corey's created an excellent blog with great photos and detailed descriptions of how to transform garage sale junk finds into beautiful furniture and decor. Why? In her words, she can't leave well enough alone. She admits it right up front in her delightful bio: "Hi everyone, my name is Corey, and I have a problem.  I can’t leave well enough alone…  The best therapy usually  involves a variety of power tools.  So, in the few “spare” moments I am not entertaining my two beautiful, rambunctious, boys, I can typically be found hunched over a sewing machine and/or covered in sawdust.   All in the efforts to create a perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality in our home."
  • Decor and the Dog - Nate and Michelle – and the all-important Ike – share their adventures fixing up their home and then some. "We were married in 2006 and we are living in our second home.  We built both.  We did most of the work ourselves.  We've pulled plenty of wire, painted every stinking piece of trim in our home, nailed a million nails, installed cabinets, etc. We blog about anything and everything." Enough said.
  • The DIY Adventures - The tag-line to this visually gorgeous blog is "upcycling, recycling, and DIY from around the world." Sounds great, right? Cheryl says, "The DIY posts over at my blog were starting to consume a bit too much space, so they are all coming over here to start a new thing. What sort of thing? Any sort of DIY thing. If I make it, I’ll post it, even when I fail or do myself an injury in the process. And oh can I do an injury! There will be DIY home, food, and style."
  • Sawdust Girl - Sandra is a builder with 14 years experience and it shows. And if you're new to DIY, no worries – she has a super unique mentorship program where she'll help you with a project in your home for 12 weeks via Skype! She builds amazing things and has helped people with some incredible projects.
  • Fix This Build That - With PDF plans for a lot of projects, this woodworking blog has something that will excite a total beginner or a seasoned pro. In his own words, Brad says his "goal is to help you in your journey to build awesome stuff!  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned woodworker I want to bring you new projects, teach you new skills, or just give you a different way to look at things.  I’m here for YOU!  So let me know what you want more of and what you are struggling with. Welcome aboard."
  • Her Tool Belt - A tractor-driving, tool-loving mom who loves to build things out of wood. Amy has plans on her blog so you can make the same great stuff in your home. We loved the DIY lemonade stand. So awesome!
  • Room and Soul - This blog has a little bit of everything for a DIYer. Decor, room makeovers, furniture updates, and even a few recipes to keep you fueled up to finish all your projects!
  • Handmade with Ashley - We found Ashley because she chose to use ECOS Paints and finishes (thanks!), and we were immediately impressed with her skills and detailed tutorials. She's a Jane of All Trades and tackles everything from crocheting and sculpting to stunning woodworking.
  • How to Build It - Jenn and Carl try to tackle almost anything under the sun. From simple crafts to complex building projects, everything's fair game for this duo. Jenn says, "I am a happy wife and mom to 5 wonderful kiddies.  Life is chaotic, but beautiful.  In my *spare* time, I love to redecorate, or remodel sections of our home, or put in new landscape features and designs.  Together we make the perfect team.  Carl is a very talented and semi-professional woodworker and home improvement/DIY-er. He has years of experience working in professional cabinet shops, where he learned the very finest finishes and techniques to build high-end furniture and cabinets. We will be posting tutorials on building furniture, refinishing furniture, DIY projects, and home and yard improvements." Check it out!
  • Dream Green DIY - Carrie Waller's incredible photography will make you want to tackle absolutely anything she features. It's enchanting, mesmerizing, and utterly inspiring. Once again, she's another talent capable of the simplest craft and most complex renovation. Peruse her site, but don't blame us if you don't re-emerge for a few hours.
  • Build-Basic -  Jenn's site is simply marvelous and filled with inspiration and hand-holding tutorials. In her own words, "Each week I design and build DIY-friendly carpentry projects and share the plans with you. I’m out to prove that you don’t need expensive tools or advanced training to make high-end furniture and accessories from scratch — you just have to know the basics! Each of my projects cover EVERY STEP from beginning to end with all the instructions, photos, drawings, and measurements you need to ensure your project is a success." Not many bloggers offer that degree of support!
  • DIY Projects with Pete - What's better than gorgeous photo tutorials? Video tutorials! Pete's pretty humble about his expertise and it makes everyone feel welcome and capable under his tutelage. He says, "I am an average “Do it Yourselfer” just like many of you. I’m not a fine wood worker or the best welder on the block. But…. I am not afraid to try new things and to share what I’ve learned along the way. So, I’ve created a number of projects over the years in my garage and have documented the process along the way."

We know any DIY-er will love these sites as much as we do. Be sure to bookmark them (or simply bookmark this page as we plan on updating it every year!). And definitely let us know who your favorite DIY bloggers are in the comments. With so many thousands upon thousands of bloggers, we'd love your help finding the best of the best!

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