Charming Color Scheme Ideas for Your Nursery

ECOS Paints 01/13/2022
Charming Color Scheme Ideas for Your Nursery

“Pink or blue?” For decades, that has been the first question people ask when it comes to designing your baby’s nursery. But times have changed, and these days, people tend to have the mindset of branching out and exploring other options for their baby’s first room.

If you are of this mindset, we have plenty of charming color scheme ideas for your nursery that are as colorful as your new baby.

Sepia Photograph

Neutrals tend to get a reputation for being dull; a color you paint a room to make it presentable but impersonal. However, neutrals, especially those with warm undertones, can also have a comforting, almost nostalgic air—like an old photograph or an antique bookshelf.

For this color scheme, focus on brown or beige for the walls, such as our “Army Blanket” or “Straw Stack.” Then, focus on wooden flooring and natural fibers for furniture, like wicker. For a little splash of color, add orange or green accents for a natural, rustic touch.

A Forest Walk

If there is one theme that has universal appeal for nurseries, it’s animals: little birds peeking out of nests and teddy bears tucked away on shelves, waiting for those little hands to be big enough to play. So a forest full of animals can offer the perfect color scheme for any nursery.

Forest color schemes naturally focus on earthy tones, such as our “Celadon” or “Equine” colors. However, some like to focus on the colors of trees at different times of the year. For example, you can use the greys and whites of a wintery wood or the reds and yellows of an autumnal forest.

Blue Skies and Sunshine

If “You Are My Sunshine” is one of your favorite songs to sing to your new baby, this color scheme is a fun way to tell the world your baby is the sun in your sky.

A sunny yellow, like our “Starlight” paint, adds a warm, cheerful look to any nursery, while the blues of our “Azure Sea” add a sense of calm to the space. Since these colors are so bright, feel free to balance them with some cloud-white neutrals.

Good Night

But ultimately, the goal of the nursery is to give your baby a soothing place to nod off at night. If your goal is for a calming nursery space that still offers a sense of wonder, this is an ideal color scheme for you.

The primary color featured in a night-sky color scheme is dark blue, such as our “Royal Blue” shade. From here, you can accent the blue with metallic colors, like silver and gold. White trim and furniture will also create a lovely contrast with the darker shades.

When painting your baby’s nursery, don’t resign yourself to choosing between pink and blue. ECOS Paints’ collection of nursery paints offers a whole rainbow of colors to brighten up your baby’s world.

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