Why Choose Neutral Colors For Your DIY Painting Project?

ECOS 08/13/2018
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In a 2017 interior design trends survey, more than a third of respondents said they would choose a neutral color palette if redecorating their home. Why? It's not just because neutral colors are versatile. There are countless benefits of investing in neutral colors like beige, eggshell, and gray -- they're just often overlooked by their bolder colored counterparts. Here are just a few reasons to consider a neutral color scheme for your next DIY painting project.

Accentuates Textures and Furniture As opposed to a bold colored wall, which can take away from the other stunning elements of a room, neutral shades allow a more subtle accent to a room's existing furniture and decor. The fact is, neutral shades allow the furniture's unique textures to truly come alive.

"A neutral backdrop creates a welcoming interior when mixed with warm textures such as rough hewn wooden elements, shiny tiles, nubby linens, and brushed velvets...layering textiles is the key to creating a warm, well-designed space," writes Shelley Little on freshome.

Timeless and Classic Look -- Not a 'Phase' Though bold colors do have their advantages, they're often chosen impulsively, and for that matter, temporarily. It's easier than you think to grow tired of coming home to an almost obnoxiously vibrant yellow or orange wall. Neutral shades, on the other hand, are intended to enhance other elements of the room, so if you feel like the area needs a new look, add a bold trim or paint coverage to the walls or set of accent pillows to the furniture. There are countless ways to customize and revitalize any neutral colored room, making for a timeless and classic look that goes with any style.

Maximized Style Versatility Finally, it should be noted that any neutral colored room can be redesigned to accommodate virtually any style. Neutral colors like beige serve as the perfect backdrop for countless design and style options, so whether you love rustic designs, country looks, or eclectic and modernized decor, neutral tones will do nothing but enhance them.

Ultimately, understanding the benefits of neutral shades can help you determine the right options when it comes time for picking out paints for your own home. For more information about low VOC paint coverage, contact Ecos Paints.