Clever Ways to Use Paint in the Kitchen

ECOS 03/05/2024
Clever Ways to Use Paint in the Kitchen

When you stop to think about it, the kitchen is pretty much the most inflexible space in the home. In the other rooms you can move furniture, bring in a new rug, change the decor, and - voila! - you have a very different looking space. The kitchen, on the other hand, has very little furniture, so you can’t make that dramatic of a change without doing an entire remodeling job. There’s one fairly easy way to make a significant impact, though – PAINT – and we don’t just mean painting the walls. There are tons of clever ways to use paint in the kitchen. Check out six ideas below.

Caruth Home - Fall 2012/Winter 2013

Paint the cabinets and then give them a distressed look. Pick any color you like and then sand the edges lightly to make it look aged. Take off the doors and experiment a bit to see what you like best. You could even do this with multiple colors painted over each other to give it a unique patina.

Transitional White Kitchen with Apron Sink

Paint the insides of the cabinets a bright color. If you’re afraid to commit to a bold color on your walls or the exterior cabinet finish, put a pop of color inside for a sweet surprise every time you open the doors. This is also great if you really don’t like the style of your cabinet doors. Just take them off entirely and make the color inside the focal point.

Iredell - Studio City
New California Ranch

Use chalkboard paint on the cabinets or the refrigerator. There are always lists to be made in the kitchen, so what could be better than chalkboard paint? Painting the fridge is a wonderful option when it’s an old, ugly one that you detest, but can’t afford to replace at the moment. (Here’s how.) The cabinet doors in the picture above were also covered in salvaged wood – a good example of mixing materials to change up some cabinets without replacing them. Keep in mind that chalkboard paint doesn’t have to be black, ECOS Chalkboard Paint comes in any color you wish!

Heights Kitchen Remodel

Paint the cabinets different colors. This may seem obvious, but you can paint them as many colors as you want. Doing the uppers and lowers different colors creates a nice contrast in the room. If you have an island, paint it a bright color and leave the rest of the cabinets more toned down.

Paint the backsplash to look like tile. You could do any kind of faux finish that you like on your backsplashes, but we think this faux tile would look great in any kitchen. It’s a fantastic option because it’s a quick, weekend project that makes the space feel more finished and high-end.



Paint the floors. When a kitchen is outdated, the flooring is often the biggest problem in the room. For new homeowners on a budget that would LOVE to install new flooring, but just can't afford it right away painting the floor is your quickest and least expensive option. You might be surprised that you can paint over linoleum flooring, but we did this post awhile ago, and it will help you go from late eighties drab to contemporary cool in one weekend! Use ECOS Floor Paints for a tough finish. (They’re so durable we use them on our factory floors!)

There are so many options for using paint to completely transform your kitchen. A full kitchen remodel will cost you thousands of dollars, but these paint ideas could cost you less than a couple hundred. Choose ECOS Paints, and you can also trust you’ll have a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting finish.

Have questions? Remember that ECOS Paints experts are here for you to give you advice and answer any questions that you have along the way. Let us know in the comments or contact us directly and we’ll happily walk you through any issues you have.

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