Colors To Consider for Your South-Facing Room

ECOS Paints 09/27/2022
Colors To Consider for Your South-Facing Room

Creating a welcoming space involves numerous factors. On top of curating a particular atmosphere with aroma and decor, lighting also plays an integral role in a space's look and feel. It affects the type of paint colors you choose and other essential design elements in a room's interior. Brightly lit rooms create airy and more open spaces. Meanwhile, dimly lit rooms create a private, bolder, and more profound atmosphere.

South-facing rooms receive lots of natural lighting and stay well-lit throughout the day, creating light, warm, and airy spaces. When painting a south-facing space, you want to consider the extra warmth and brightness of the room. Warm colors create too much visual activity, dark colors heat the room up, and white pigments produce glares and overexposed spaces. Here are three colors to consider for your south-facing room.

Pale Blues

Pale blue wall and ceiling paint give you a middle ground where you benefit from the light and airy atmosphere that south-facing rooms generate without the risk of overexposure. Their pale hues brighten the space further, while their blue undertones counteract the natural warmth the room captures. Popular pale blue colors for the job include:

  • Baby blues
  • Icy blues
  • Sky blues
  • Powder blues

A pale blue paired with bright lighting creates a fun, cozy, and dreamy space to enjoy. It makes the perfect atmosphere for bedrooms, offices, nurseries, and living rooms.

Cool Grays

Cool grays make a great color option for a more neutral color palette suited for south-facing spaces. Like pale blues, cool grays combat the room's heightened brightness. Despite their undertones, cool grays showcase a neutral pigment that works with any space, from kitchens to playrooms and offices. They maximize the atmosphere of a south-facing room while providing a sophisticated touch to the mix.

Muted Greens

Many assume you must pick bright and bold paints to achieve a statement wall or colorful home. However, that's not always true. For a colorful pop in your south-facing room, opt for muted greens. Since south-facing lighting enhances spaces, there's no better room to explore fun hues. Muted greens add a unique color to your home without overwhelming the space. Their pigments give them a soft touch that'll pick up the natural lighting and make the room airy, cozy, and open. Their green pigments add a more natural – nature-inspired – design element to your south-facing space.

These are just three types of colors to consider for your south-facing room. Find a paint that works alongside the natural light that fills the room, and you’ll create an atmospheric and cozy space.

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