Creative DIY Projects Using Reclaimed Wood

ECOS Paints 12/03/2021
Creative DIY Projects Using Reclaimed Wood

Historically, wood has been one of the most common building materials. Because of that, it’s hard to imagine new ways to use wood. Even so, creative DIYers and those with an interest in preserving our natural resources have found a way to breathe new life into the material by using reclaimed wood.

What is reclaimed wood? Why use it? We answer these questions and more ahead, and offer some creative DIY projects using reclaimed wood.

What Is Reclaimed Wood?

We use wood for a wide variety of structures, such as wine casks, old buildings, and sailing vessels. When these structures reach the end of their life span, we demolish them. But just because the barn or barrel has reached the end of its life doesn’t mean the wood has.

When a structure still has a large amount of wood in good condition, we can repurpose it for other things. This is reclaimed wood.

Why Use Reclaimed Wood?

As children, most of us learned that wood is a renewable resource. When we use trees, we can plant more. But it’s important to note that trees take years to grow into maturity. Using reclaimed wood cuts down on the demand for new trees, allowing them to stay in the ground.

DIY Projects

Check out a few of the following creative DIY projects using reclaimed wood.

Paper Sorter

Between bills, school assignments, career-related paperwork, and personal memos, it’s easy for desks to become messy. One way to avoid losing important documents is to use a wall-mounted paper sorter.

This simple, reclaimed wood project starts with a wooden backboard with several cubbies protruding from it. This gives you different spots to put things like bills, files, and letters. If multiple people live in your house, you can also use this to sort the mail by addressee.


Even if you aren’t a heavy reader, every home can benefit from a bookshelf. You can use bookshelves to:

  • House movies
  • Display photographs
  • Keep files or supplies
  • Show off art or other motifs
  • Store clothing accessories like hats

It’s also one of the simpler projects, making it a good task for anyone who is new to the world of furniture building.

Pallet Wall

When people think of adding an accent wall to a space, they usually think of adding brightly colored paint or wallpaper to a single wall. But for those wanting a rustic look and who want a larger wood project, a pallet wall is a good choice.

To build a wood wall, you must create a frame that would cover the perimeter of an entire wall and then lay panels across it. This gives you an entire wall covered with your own predetermined pattern of varnished wood.

Reclaimed wood helps the environment while beautifying our homes. And if you want to further help the environment by keeping the air clean, our clear varnish will help transform your wood without harmful VOCs.