Customer Project: A Perfectly Painted Crib

Lullaby 11/20/2015

Updating an old crib with a fresh coat of paint is a super popular DIY when a new baby's on the way. But, it can look like a daunting task for the novice painter. But, believe us, with a little guidance and the right products it's a project anyone can successfully execute. We've walked tons of customers through it! We don't always get to see pictures of the final product, but we sure love it when we do. Today we're sharing a customer's perfectly painted crib. This homemade crib looks outstanding, and the high-quality work that went into it is immediately apparent. To be fully transparent, they're professionals, but that means their tips are that much more helpful. Enjoy!

This was sent to us by Tammy Hale whose family business is called T.&T. Hale Drywall & Painting. Tammy has over 17 years experience as a mural artist and painter so when it came time to paint the crib that she and her husband had built for their first Granddaughter, she didn’t want to use a product with harsh fumes or chemicals. In a message to us Tammy said, “I searched the internet for a healthier alternative* and found Lullaby Paints. The crib is finished, and I was thrilled with the paint! I will admit I was worried whether the paint was going to perform well or not. Thank you for providing a healthier alternative* for our vulnerable babies and mothers to be. I would recommend them highly.” We're so happy to hear that Tammy – and we love the great work you and your husband did on this crib!

*By eliminating harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene from our products, we improve indoor air quality compared with competitive products that use these chemicals.




Below you'll see a brilliant drying rack. We don’t have the exact measurements Tammy used, but we think we know how to create a similar drying rack to the one she designed. See the tutorial after the photos.



  • Take two 8’ two by fours and screw 3” drywall screws in the center of the board about 6 inches apart. Only screw them in about halfway. Install as many screws as you have spindles for your crib.
  • Hammer in 3” finish nails on both ends of all the spindles. Hammer them in an inch or so that they won’t fall out but will still be easy to pull out.
  • Place the two boards vertically in your work area a little bit wider than your spindle length.
  • You can now place the spindles horizontally, so the nails are resting on the screws, but the spindles aren’t touching anything.
  • Paint the spindles one at a time starting from the top adding a spindle after you finish each one.

This is one of the cleverest designs we have ever seen for painting spindles. Kudos to you Tammy!

It's a beautiful and unique crib you can tell was made with love. We thank Tammy for sharing it with us and hope it inspires you in your crib project!

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