A Daringly Beautiful Dark Purple Nursery Design

Lullaby 11/29/2014

Are you looking for a bold, unexpected nursery color palette? Look no further than this concept featuring purple and green as the main colors (we know it sounds crazy, but it works!). With a  Dark Purple from our Finn and Emma collection as the backdrop this new nursery design from Esther at Buy Modern Baby accomplishes a beautiful balancing act between relaxing and eye-catching. Esther says, “While it’s a deep color, there’s a lot of gray in the Dark Purple, giving it a wonderful, dusty, neutral look. It’s meant, of course, to coordinate perfectly with Finn + Emma’s Flower pattern, but we only used that as a jumping off point, as you can see.” Check out her daringly beautiful dark purple nursery design!

dark purple nursery design - lullaby paints

We’ve never seen anything like it – perhaps it’ll be the next big trend in nursery design? If you want a one-of-a-kind, striking nursery you should definitely consider this palette. And if the green on purple isn’t your cup of tea, the Dark Purple is still a beautiful color to use as a calming, yet still bold, neutral.

See anything you like in this design? Get the details about each piece at Buy Modern Baby. And as usual, not all of her fabulous finds for this color scheme made the final design. If you want to see all the amazing options that she couldn’t include, be sure to visit the Finn + Emma Dark Purple Nursery Inspiration board on Pinterest!

Thanks as always to Esther for creating these inspiring nursery design idea boards!

What color would you like to see her use next? Let us know in the comments!